1968 Dodge GTS-Off Frame Restoration- A BIG JOB!

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1968 Dodge GTS-Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!-Part 1
Blue it is! http://www.swrnc.com or 972-420-1293

1968 Dodge GTS-Get The Hell OUT-AND DON"T COME BACK!
It's a Sad Situation when it comes down to THIS! http://www.swrnc.com or 972-420-1293

1968 dart restoration update
Parts go back on the Dart after many months of sandblasting, prepping, and late nights in the shop. In this video I spray Lizard Skin sound deadening product. I also spray some Eastwood Reptile Red single stage paint. Next step are the suspension and the car will be off rotisserie soon!

Mr. Norm Interview, Pt. 1 - How the '68 Dart GSS Was Created
Patrick Krook, CEO of ShowYourAuto.com, interviews legendary high-performance Dodge dealer Norman Kraus (Mr. Norm) on how his Grand Spaulding Dodge created the Dart GSS, a fire-breathing compact muscle car with a 383 c.i. engine that Dodge's engineers claimed couldn't be built. Ironically, this car inspired the factory-built Dart GTS with the same engine. You'll also find out what GSS stands for. To hear about Mr. Norm's new-for-the-21st --century Dart GSS, (behind him and Mr. Krook during this interview), be sure to watch Part 2, now live on ShowYourAutoTV! Videography and Editing: artistmac