How to tune up your TDI

Today i show ya how to tune up your Diesel engine. In the injector cleaning part of the video, i dont explane part one, since its not very safe, however, you dont need to do the first stage, stage two (boiling in the engine oil) will usually work perfect. add some off the shelf ATF to really clean them up.

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TDI tuning box
TDI tuning - hogyan szereld be saját kezűleg.

Budget Diesel Tuning - How to add power for £1 with dyno test
In this video I will show you how for £1 you can add a chunk of power to your VAG TDI using the EVRY mod. Please note - this video is aimed at VE engines - not PD or CR TDI engines - you actually have better options with plug in cables on PD and CR engines! Just for some background I've been running this mod for well over a year with no issues - I have seen different takes on the mod and it's effectiveness and here I am producing my positive findings with it. The music used in the video is - Hey Now by MK2 from the Youtube Music Archive

A Guide To Diesel Tuning
In this video I go over options you have when it comes to diesel tuning and what order you might want to choose to do things in. The video is in reference to my Audi A3 110 TDI which has a AHF engine (which is similar to the other non PD 110 engines), however the guide will hold parallels to many other turbo diesels when it comes to tuning. I have gone for a brief overview rather then an in depth look at each individual area, however there are many great resources out there should you want to dive deeper! I will be following up in the future looking at some specific area's of tuning on the A3, so hit subscribe to follow the upgrade journey! The tracks in the video are from the YouTube Audio Library, these are: Crispy by Silent Partner Hey now by Mk2

TDI engine project build running by its lonesome, diesel and air only. 12 volt source just to get it started. It eventually will be going in a Toyota trail rig build.