Drift Open Round 2 2012, Legnica Poland - Hypki and Zacharzewski

Grzegorz Hypki in an E30 M3 being chased by Erwin Zacharzewski in another E30 BMW running through the course on Sunday morning Drift Taxi session at the second round of the Drift Open Championship from Legnica Poland.

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Marcin Mospinek new LS3 E30 M3 unveiled at PFD Round 1 Płock 2012 - 1st run in public
Team PUZ Valvoline finally released the 1st of their new LS3 engined E30's. Here is a sneak peak of the interior of the car while it was being unloaded. This one will be driven by Marcin Mospinek, the second one will be driven by his team mate Grzegorz Hypki. The cars have brand new LS3's flown in from the US and are making around 550bhp with only minor tuning. Weighing only 1100kgs, these cars will be a serious force in 2012...

Trening Kąkolewo, 15.08.2012 - ekipa COEL, Erwin Zacharzewski i chłopaki od motocykli!

Autobahn Wroclaw legnica (Poland)
Autobahn Wroclaw Polen - Polonia - Poland - Polska 2015

Łódź - Prząśniczka
http://www.lodz.abc.pl "Prząśniczka" Stanisław Moniuszko Wykonanie: Zayazd