Turbo Honda CBR 7.34@189.4 mph NHDRO Frankie Stotz pro street

Frankie Stotz insane turbo Honda CBR pro street motorcycle 7.34@189.4 mph NHDRO 5-14-11 Muncie, Indiana. Check out my channel for more aweosme motorcycle drag racing videos: http://www.youtube.com/wyldfantasies

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Drag racing Z1000, Hayabusa, KX500 @ VW Open 2010
UPDATE: Thanks everyone for 1M views! Here is actual run of same bike@183kph: https://youtu.be/KTem0oxAL0c VW Open 2010 @ Kiikala airfield, Finland. My first drag ever. Driving with red Z and my friend with KX. 11,375s / 197,59km/h. Bike is equipped with Muzzy slip-ons, power commander 3 usb (injection&ignition) and shifter. Sorry about digizoom.

2013 Night Under Fire Top Fuel Motorcycle Drag Bike Racing Nitro Video
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Youngest Dragbike Racers that can beat MotoGP Marc Marquez anytime soon!
This kid can easily beat Marc Marquez in 10 years time..

SHiRTLESS VERSION DRAG RACER ◄ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfIniw3pkNk&hd=1 This cutie lady drag race bike rider from taiwan. GIRL HAVE SUPERB TALENT & TITANIUM HEART !!! kick those boy riders ass in the track! video courtesy of fb.com/s1010may Another asian style TT Isle f Man RACE VIDEO to watch here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ6BPz4bQjY&t=30s&hd=1