~ RiPSaW ~ Motorized Bicycle

I'm in the process of building a kind a Ratrod/Evil/Phantom/Sunday driver looking motorized bicycle called ~~ RiPSaW ~~

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Motorized Bikes VS Mopeds
I wanted to do something different for a change and answer a question that I receive occasionally.

Ripsaw tank
Most powerful agile and beautuful tank in the world: Ripsaw!!!

How to Build a Motorized Bicycle - Part 3
Final stage of assembly ... and then we ride! Check out my other videos on my youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/panofish

Установка Мотора на Велосипед - Installing Motorized Bicycle Kit
В видео показана установка двигателя 80 кубиков с автоматическим сцепление на велосипед schwinn hornet. Video includes 80cc Motorized Bicycle Kit installation on schwinn hornet. Статья: http://stuntexclub.ru/news/ustanovka-motora-na-motokruizer-maksa