~ RiPSaW ~ Motorized Bicycle

I'm in the process of building a kind a Ratrod/Evil/Phantom/Sunday driver looking motorized bicycle called ~~ RiPSaW ~~

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MoToRiZeD BiCyCLe RuSSiaNS eNGiNe D8e & CDi
MoToRiZeD BiCyCLe RuSSiaNS eNGiNe "KRaSNyJ OKTJaBR" D8e & CDi DoNGo Д8Э Электронное зажигание

Garelli Baby Mosquito Mofa Moped Motorized Bicycle Oldtimer Bike
I'm driving my 0,65hp 34ccm 1968 BJ Mofa Bike

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Ripsaw tank
Most powerful agile and beautuful tank in the world: Ripsaw!!!