~ RiPSaW ~ Motorized Bicycle

I'm in the process of building a kind a Ratrod/Evil/Phantom/Sunday driver looking motorized bicycle called ~~ RiPSaW ~~

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Building a Motorized Bicycle work-repair stand for $25.00
All the other homemade PVC / pipe work bench style bike stands could not hold up my heavy motorized bikes, So I built my own Motorized Bicycle work-repair stand for less then $25.00

MoToRiZeD BiCyCLe RuSSiaNS eNGiNe D8e & CDi
MoToRiZeD BiCyCLe RuSSiaNS eNGiNe "KRaSNyJ OKTJaBR" D8e & CDi DoNGo Д8Э Электронное зажигание

Motorized Bicycle Racing 1-2-2010
Motorized Bicycle Racing Main Event 7 laps at Musselman Honda Racing Circuit (P1 Kart Racing Circuit) in Tucson,Arizona on January 2, 2010. Special Thanks to Mussleman Honda Racing Circuit, Santa Cruz Scooter Works, Motorbicycling.com, 1FunTV.com and to all the Racers. To learn more about Motorized Bicycles check out MOTORBICYCLING.COM

FaT Bastard Fat Tire rat rod BiKE ~ GIRLS INTO BOYS BIKE~
FaT Bastard Fat Tire rat rod BiKE . Took a $20 dollar vintage girls bike because there are plenty of them and they are cheap! I cut / welded it up into a boys bike with a rat rod twist .... Put on some 24x3.0 Wide balloon tires with red rims to start, I'll paint it all pretty later, I kinda like the weathered beet up look. Thanks4watching