Chicago DSM Racing Part I

The Original Chicago DSM Racing vid! Takes place in Summer '06, featuring: several AWD and FWD 1g's, 2g's and an STi, + lots of individual races by Chicago_DSM.... Blue 91 Awd = 14b + supporting mods

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420a DSM-ZERO race car 2gnt
Walk around this is a teaser video before my Dyno vid racepak guage cluster and rev up too trying to burn up the fuel in the tank so we can put C116 in it for the Dyno. Trying to make sure everything works before we hit the Dyno

STOCK BLOCK Dsm 4g63 record!!! Ostar Motorsports
Thanks to all who made it happen!

DSM Aluminum rod race motor first start up
First start up of my R&R/Wiseco HD race motor. Tuning the setup tomorrow and hitting the track later this week.

Devo Tuning Evo's & DSM's In action
Fast Evo's & DSM's in action.