Honda Prelude Crash

Failed and can't even spell

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Starting up the Lude
So the lude has been sitting awhile because its winter time, and also because im missing a rear window, ( crazy new years ), and I've been super bored lately so I felt like experimenting on imovie and just starting up the lude and throwing some pics of it in there, I know it has terrible editing and such, I do apologize before hand, the song is "God's Gift" by J Cole, hope you enjoy, and yes, there's an Exhaust leak from hell ( flex pipe ), just ignore it haha

Honda Prelude and Nissan Silvia crash. Camra from both cars.

prelude drifting iceland
just testing out a new set of rear tires

Prelude Crash on Ice
Nathan crashing his prelude in the ice after running outa talent.