Stock engine Miata vs V8 Mustang

In this in-car video I chase a V8 Mustang in my stock engine 130 hp '95 Miata on the 1.1-mi East Track at Firebird International Raceway near Phoenix, AZ during a ProAutoSports HPDE event. The Mustang was much faster on the short straights and I was a fair bit faster in the turns, but I lacked the hp to get by -- and the Mustang driver may not have been aware he was actually holding me up. My lap times were nearly three seconds slower while following the Mustang during the early track sessions that day than when I was running on an open track. But in the last track session of the day when the Mustang driver had more experience on this track, I had a far tougher time catching him than I did in the first couple track sessions in the morning -- he's really quite a decent driver when he knows the track, and his Mustang is well setup.

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Had a great first event with Speed Dynamics at Thunderhill West in the Low Advanced group. First two sessions seemed to have more traffic with some drivers not letting others pass. The organizers talked to the run group and things got a lot better later in the day. The heat probably helped thin out the traffic as well. I heard people saying that their cars were starting to over heat but the Miata didn't seem to be phased. Actually did my fastest lap during the last lap of the last session at 1:34.9. Beat my old time by 0.5 sec. Was hoping to get into 1:30.xx territory but overtaking this 2016 Mustang GT, who didn't seem to like the idea of being passed by a Miata with a 1/4 of the HP, made up for it :). Specs: Video recorded using Harry's LapTimer on iPhone4s Music credit - DJ Shadow 1990 Miata 1.6L 110 whp & 101 ft-lb Motor oil - AMSOIL Signature Series 5w30 Jackson Racing header & Borla Exhaust Custom Intake and Dyno tuned MAF Type I Torsen LSD FatCat Shocks 550f/350r Sway bars: Flyin Miata front on stiff / Stock rear GarageStar Delrin Door Bushings BFG Rival 225/45r15 6UL 15"x9" Carbotech XP8 brake pads

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