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honda cb 400 n cafe racer bobber nuoro

honda cb 400 n modificata bobber nuoro


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Starting my new Honda cb400n cafe racer
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Malaysian Batpod by Eastern Bobber
Eastern Bobber are bike buider based in Malaysia. We build, we modify, we sell. Visit Eastern Bobber facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eastern-Bobber/361567050534195 Own by bike enthusiasm.

honda cb 400 bobber
cb 400 bobber fase 05

Honda cb400n Superdream early spring ride.
A little ride on my old 1982 Honda cb 400 n Superdream. Recorded with GoPro Hero HD mounted on the top of the front fork. Superdream is a very good beginners bike due to its simplicity and fairly easy handling. Ive had 2 within 3 years now, one imported from Germany with 27 hp and a "normal" 44 hp model. Both from "82. Both versions are such a bang for the buck and are so easy to repair yourself if you got just a small interrest in fixing stuff. I dont think that i would recommend the "old dog" for longer rides or touring, even though i read about people who did so, and without complaints. The riding position isnt good for more than 3-400 km, and even there your back might get sore. And the enginge is a bit small for highways, but can be ridden at 120-130 km/h at longer stretches. Ive had it up to more than 170 km/h. Once, and that was lifethreatening because of wobbling. This little bike is meant for everyday use, and you can see and feel that. The enginge is hard to kill and everything is made of high quality metals. I really love it and because of the small amount of money i can get for it if i sell, and the joy i get from riding it, i think its a keeper even though ill get a bigger, newer bike some day.

Felújítás / renewal

honda CB 400N 1979

Cb 400 t cafe racer

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNfxAbfXOyU part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EW9vx6CYM2I part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RTdaWBgtO0 last part bobber.com.pl

cb400 bobber
minha cb 400cc 1982 ao estilo bobber

3月の半ばに入所し6月15日にようやく卒検に合格し今日 うやく納車されました!! シミュレーションと回避がまったく予約取れなくてこん なに遅くなってしまいましたが長く付き合っていきたい と思います! この謎の篭った音どうにかなりませんかね(´・ω・`) カメラはGoPro Hero3+で防水ケースに風切り音対策の毛を装着しケースの 中に乾いたウェットティッシュを少し入れてます

Honda CB 400 '81 27PS
Honda CB 400 '81 27PS

Honda cb400sf vtec1 обзор или Саня купил японца
Ну вот, дождались? Все страждущие)) Я купил японца, да, как и говорил, и вот мои впечатления о нём, кому интересно смотрите. Опять же повторюсь для особо упёртых - это лично моё мнение) Группа ВК https://vk.com/air1580_group Мой канал, видео блог на youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Air1580

honda cb 400 bobber

a very quick run through of the latest bike build. Lots of stuff tried including converting to kick start and vm32 carbs. Kicker shaft gear kept locking to kick shaft and the vm32s panned out to be a pita to tune good enough for putting around the city and having good wide open power.

CB 400 II 1982 Muito conservada, toda original. Motor novo com 4.000km. Não baixa nem queima óleo. Sem detalhes.

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