Illuminator Monster Truck Racing

Event 1 of racing at the MC Fair Illuminator

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Illuminator Monster Truck Freestyle
Gaithersburg MD August 15th 2013


Illuminator Freesyle Lafargeville NY 2014
GO-PRO on the roof of the Illuminator monster truck Driven by Cory Snyder

Traxxas Monster Jam: Winter Mud Bash!
Hi Rc fans, thanks for watching Bobby B EastCoast RC! There are so many aspects of this Hobby I enjoy from: the creativity to the excitement even the challenges! But most of all I like that I can run these RCs hard and in ways I could never run a full sized vehicle! See it was full size Motorsports that turned me on to this Hobby! As a Monster Jam fan I could remember some years back when I started seeing Traxxas' Monster jam line advertised during Monster truck events! I thought they were cool but without seeing them in action and only having had previously run toy grade RCs I thought a couple hundred bucks was crazy for a "Toy" But it was when I went to Stafford motor speedway in CT. for a live monster Truck show that the Traxxas stampede really grabbed my attention! See right before the show actually started they let a select few come out and drive there RCs on the Monster Truck coarse! I remember seeing these guys and gals come out with there RCs and I thought "fat chance those RCs are gonna make up the ramp" Well not only did the trucks easily make it up the ramp but they launched every which way off jammer stacks and jumping off the side of tabletops! It was awesome!! And not only was I impressed with the power these trucks had but the durability as well I mean these Trucks took some nasty spills including 2 trucks colliding head on at speed and the trucks just brushed it off! There was just about every Monster jam truck traxxas made out there and I loved every minute off it and was now more than hyped to see the Full size trucks! Well once the Big boys came out and did there thing I sat there and watched in amazement as the 1500 hp engines roared to life and sky wheeled in the air and thrilled the crowd and every time the full size trucks jumped I couldn't help but think off their 1/10 scale counter parts doing the same thing just on a smaller scale and I thought I may never be able to afford a full size Monster Truck but I will own a Traxxas Monster truck one day! Well eventually I got my first hobby grade RC the Traxxas Grave digger (stampede)! I loved that truck and with that feel in love with the hobby! The thrill of living my dream of running a monster truck led me to want more RC experiences! I started watching how to videos, picking the brains of the guys at my hobby shop and reading every article in RCs 2 main Magazine publications, I took right to the creative side! And loved making one of a kind pieces, Learning immediately felt fun and the passion for this Hobby comes from within! The joy I get from this Hobby is not something that can be faked, there are many different hobbyists, everything from weekend warriors to folks that eat, sleep and bleed RC and that's me! But my whole RC experience stemmed from one thing: Traxxas Stampede! There are many different roads in life and although some vast and some small each one we chose is life changing!! Now if you are reading this then I thank you! And want you to know the 500 sub giveaway will be a 1/10 scale 2wd Traxxas Stampede!! My subscribers will qualify so if you haven't subscribed yet please do so! I cant promise you will have the same experience as me, but I do know out of all the RCs I've run. The One I continually have fun with and the easiest to maintain is the Stampede. I don't want to giveaway a RC I have no experience with!! So for those reasons a Brand new Traxxas Stampede will be the giveaway! So stay tuned for more info on how you can enter to win the Truck when we get closer to the 500 mark! And please do hit the like button, it means a lot to me! Shout out to Ethan Miexell for the sick metal tracks that I use from youtube in this video and so many others, and to Team Integrity RC!! Such a great group of fellow enthusiasts! And also Leo Blade for sharing that incredible but sad story of his friend and Newington Skate park you can read it in the comment section of my Newington skatepark video be sure to check it out! but Boy o boy the courage he had to openly talk about something like that is admirable and it really touched me so thank you Leo very much for sharing! And may Shane never be forgotten! Guys and gals til next time remember have FUN but stay SAFE!! Bye Bye