How to beat a 800 hp chevelle with a 100 hp civic

How to beat a 800hp chevelle with a 100 hp civic. Pray the chevelle's throttle stop comes on to early. Chevelle is normally a 9 second car. civic does 16's.

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Jose 1000+HP EG Civic
This car was at one of the Import Face Off events held in 2011.

800 horse power Suburban!!!
12.83 sec. 1/4 mile

Hondata Javier's Outlaw Civic 1,000hp Dyno Pull
***CLICK SHOW MORE FOR MAGAZINE LINK!*** On this pass Javier made over 1,000hp in preparation for L.A. Outlaw FWD Invasion in Fontana, CA May 29-30. The Dyno was performed @ Church Automotive and Javier is testing the new Billet K-Series Bellhouing. Magazine Article: Pic of the Dyno's screen that day, HP: jpg Pic of the Dyno's screen that day, TQ: jpg Pic's of The Billet Bellhousing: