Turbo Lexus SC400 Highway 2JZ-GTE

turbo Lexus SC400

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Lexus SC 400 - 2JZ Turbo'd
My buddy's Lexus SC400 non tuned and just got back from the shop.

SC400 1uzfe Turbo RPM Turbo & Injection
1uzfe turbo 1997 sc400 Factory engine Master power t76 Stinger 4424 Ecu This car is still being worked on, we still need to install a fuel system. The complete turbo kit was done in house. Fuel system and transmission are being worked on.

1000+ wheel horsepower Lexus SC400 with Supra 2JZ and 6 speed fully built spinning the dyno
final number made 1035 wheel horsepower 35psi at about 8,000 rpm on 116 octane. plenty of more room with this motor to go but the car is not heavy enough. We needed 9 full grown men to help weigh down the car

Lexus SC400 V8 Turbo 5Spd
Just a few clips of my Lexus SC400 V8 (OEM 1UZ) turbo 5Spd.