2007 6.0 powerstroke coldstart -40

f350 6.0 diesel hard to start cold -40 truck had some bad glow plugs

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1990 cummins cold start
6" mbrp stacks, autometer Boost and pyro, afc dialed in all the way with bd fuel pin and spring, prince of darkness 100hp injectors, hx35 turbo, 5 speed manual

2003 Dodge Ram 3500 cold start at -24F
Jan. 09, South Central Minnesota, -24F, cold start with no block heater. Dodge Ram 3500 with Cummins turbodiesel, 233,000 miles

Dodge Cummins cold start -29c
05 Cummins very cold start, never been plugged in. Out side temp. -29c which is -20 fahrenheit. Truck has 4" cat back MBRP Exhaust and an AEM cold air intake. Real diesels dont need to be plugged in

Duramax Cold Start (-22F)
Cold started the duramax after sitting outside in 22 below zero ambient temperatures and windchill at 38 below zero. Block heater was plugged in for 4 hours before firing it up. No fuel additives, just what they have in the pump at the local truckstop. Started on first try.