Nissan skyline BNR34 1000hp vs bugatti veyron stock

Russia of course))) Distance = 1mile (1.6km)

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Bugatti Veyron vs Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
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Jeremy Clarkson in 1000BHP NISSAN SKYLINE R33. amazing car.
Jeremy Clarkson is driving nissan skyline r33 with 1000 HP. This car is hevy tunned and realy fast. This upgrade is very expensive but fantastic. What are you think about this R33? Today we almost can not find r33 in stock. I think this is amazing car with amazing engine and amazing 4 wheel drive system. Write a comment down. :) Jeremy Clarkson videos by CCClips: y4w0K2op Tiff Needell videos by CCClips: g4RumqL2 All CCClips videos: qY1nz6WL CHECK MY CHANNEL FOR ANOTHER COOL VIDEOS. FULL PLAYLIST: qY1nz6WL Classiccarsclips channel is about classic cars, classic videos and classic top gear. Many videos are about testing old cars. These cars are today more than 25 years old. Maybe you remember some, meybe you own some. You can see here Jeremy Clarkson very young. Another videos are about british racing in that time and about motor show and car questions i that era. I hope you enjoy my channel and you click on LIKE or SUBSCRIBE button. I try upload so many videos i can :). Thaks for your support. L PLAYLISTNo copyright intended, for educational use only.

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skyline R34 1000 hp.Vs toyota 2JZ
GTR R34 1000 hp..9 seg..