.22LR.......from rifle to game dealer

This footage was taken over a a couple of shooting sessions in 2 different locations. It shows the rifle and ammunition used and a few of the rabbits being culled. I also included some footage taken at the game dealer when I dropped the rabbits off after gutting them at the end of a night of lamping from the truck.

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Shooting Rabbits with my CZ 455 22lr
My first upload of me shooting my new CZ 455 Thumbhole 22lr its only a short clip but I spotted these two rabbits on one of the farms I shoot and couldn't resist a go with my new rifle. The first shot was at 60 yards and the second at 70 Im over the moon with the accuracy of the CZ and the 22lr is a hugely underestimated round. Oh and the voice you can hear in the background is my young nephew he wanted to come and see what the new rifle could do. Equipment used... Gun. CZ 455 Thumbhole .22lr Scope. Hawke Sidewinder 30mm 3-12x50 SR PRO IR SF Bipod. Harris Tilting Bullets. Eley Subsonic Hollow points Supressor. SAK Camera Mount. Seben DK-A2 Camera. Panasonic 1080p HD camcorder

Ruger 10/22 .22lr shooting at 325 meters
"Rifle" is a stock Ruger 10/22 mounted with Cabelas Pine Ridge scope .22lr turret. Two great ballistics channels http://www.youtube.com/user/BrassFetcher http://www.youtube.com/user/mainejunker

Rimfire rabbit control bonanza
http://www.theshootingshow.tv Byron and Darryl Pace have new shooting permissions on a farm that's overrun with rabbits. The result: A shooting bonanza that sees triple figures in the bag.

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