.22LR.......from rifle to game dealer

This footage was taken over a a couple of shooting sessions in 2 different locations. It shows the rifle and ammunition used and a few of the rabbits being culled. I also included some footage taken at the game dealer when I dropped the rabbits off after gutting them at the end of a night of lamping from the truck.

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.22 LR Vs Hog
How we harvest hogs on the Navasota River bottom.

TG OUTDOORS AUSTRALIA - Bow Hunting Scrub Bulls 2015
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Catching rabbits using ferrets, 27 in 4 hours.
A few hours in Northern England with the ferrets. Rabbits are a serious agricultural nuisance in the U.K. That have to be controlled by law. This is an interesting article on the history of ferrets and ferreting. http://weaselwords.com/ferret-articles/history-of-the-ferret/