Audi 100 quattro 1986 on snow

Audi 100 quattro 1986 - Some "quattrosladdning" on snow. *** The Audi 100 quattro typ44 (C3) is mid-sized automobile manufactured for model years 1982-1991. Light weight and superior aerodynamics (0.30cd) with efficient five-cylinder engine produced a car with unrivalled pace and economy for its size. The typ44 model of the Audi 100 was sold in the United States as the Audi 5000.

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James Bond YOLT for Headbangers
John Barry's "heavy stuff" from the James Bond: "You Only Live Twice" (1967). Arranged by Hornanvasara 2015. The original "Capsule in Space / Space March":

Devil Creations - More Distortion (Official Video)
Devil Creations - More Distortion (2014)

Test Drive 2 for Headbangers
Metal cover of the Test Drive 2 - The Duel (1989 Amiga/PC/SNES) main theme. Audio & video by Johnny Hornanvasara / Devil Creations 2014. TD2 info *** Gear *** Mapex UX drums Pearl Icon drum rack Paiste, Sabian, Meinl, Stagg cymbals B.C. Rich Warlock & Charvel Model 4 guitars Ibanez Soundgear SR506 bass ENGL Gigmaster 15 amp Presonus FP10 sound card DAW: REAPER

Last Ninja L1 for Headbangers
Commodore 64 The Last Ninja (1987) Level 1 - The Wastelands theme by Hornanvasara 2016 An enhanced mix of this song in Spotify: Original by Ben Daglish & Anthony Lees