RC Dozer in Big Muskie Bucket (Recreation).

RC meaning Remote Controlled

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اكبر حفارات فى العالم - سوم2
يوجد العديد من الاحجام المختلفة لكثير من انواع المعدات الثقيلة سوم2 تعرض لكم اليوم اكبر حفارات فى العالم http://www.soom2.com

Scarifier Bracke Forest T26.a - Disc trencher
Font: http://www.brackeforest.com The Bracke T26.a is our most powerful disc trencher, able to handle the most troublesome terrain littered with stones and slash. Available in: http://www.woodharvesting.com

Caterpillar D11T Bulldozer Car Crush
http://www.hwequipment.com | As hockey fans we were a little disappointed at the cancelling of the first month of the NHL season and now the cancelling of the Winter Classic. We took our frustrations out the only way we knew how, by firing up our Caterpillar D11T bulldozer and running over a truck.

Beltman-Almen: Caterpillar 320D LRR
Nieuw bij Beltman-Almen: de hydraulische graafmachine (hydraulic excavator) Caterpillar 320D LRR met beperkte zwenkradius. - Een demonstratie van de Caterpillar 320D LRR. - De CAT 320D LRR en semi dieplader gereedmaken voor transport. © 2011 Beltman-Almen