GTR Drag Racing

1000hp+ Nissan skyline GTRs drag racing at central circuit

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R34 GT-R endless demo car mapping
Mapping the R34 Demo car, 550~600ps 1.5bar Greddy T517z turbos, had nightmare with the AFR equipment and tracked it down to the sensor, after 2 hours of messing around we go to map the car

660hp Nissan Silvia for sale
One of Japans fastest Nissan Silvias for sale, did a 1:24 @ Central Circuit which is 2 sec slower than Endless R35 GTR 900hp + pro Driver, its simply a very well balanced machine please see the videos, S15 660hp Tomei 2200cc engine kit HKS head system STEP3 Naprec high response kit +BIG valves HKS GT3240 turbo kit 1000cc injectors Trust intake manifold Trust Intercooler Trust oil cooler Aluminium radiator Twin fuel pumps Water injection OS Giken twin plate clutch HKS sequential transmission GT-R drive shaft and LSD 2WAY LSD BNR34 brakes Ikeya formula full pillow arms NASCAR race suspension contact:

900hp Nissan Silvia S15 9000rpm
Mapping / Boost check yesterday, (not a power check) car revs to 9000rpm on some runs but the in car I took was about 8500rpm,

For sale is a 700hp T78 full spot R32 GTR circuit car It is constantly in First Place in Pro Class (pro user class no pro drivers) it runs 1:24 / 1:23 which is 1 sec slower than the R35 GTR run by Endess-R which has 900hp + Pro Driver. Hks step 2 272 in/ex cams Head bolt T78 turbo HKS one off suspension OS 5 speed cross Exedy triple Hks oil pump Trust oil pan Nismo Intake 2 fuel pumps in collector tank Fcon v 3.2 Koyo side tank radiator Oil cooler 22+16 layer (twin) Intercooler trust 3 layer LSD front and rear CUsCO Carbon doors Roll cage Front and rear FRP fenders Acryllic glass Full spot chassi F50 brembo Front upper arm Rear upper arm 33GTR member Auto select master cylinder TE37 17"9J email: