B-Series All Motor EG Vs K-Series All Motor TypeR

His Honda is in Honda Tuning magazine JUNE 2012 issue article Restomod Heat Seeker Some Videos of my buddys Real Honda Integra TypeR With DC5 TypeR Swap K20A Vs My EG Hatch With a B-Series

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B20vtec ALL MOTOR EM1 Civic Si Build
March 2016 UPDATE The before and after pictures were taken before i used maguiars ultimate compound and maguiars ultimate polish with a small harbor freight buffer. Parts List ported and polished type r head ferrea flat valves supertech springs brian crower cromoly retainers supertech keepers skunk2 lost motion assembly skunk2 tuner 3 cams bwr adjustable cam gears skunk2 pro series intake manifold (port matched to head) hondata intake manifold gasket (port matched) skunk2 74mm pro series throttle body (port matched to intake manifold) aem fuel rail and regulator rc550 injectors plm bisi header wiseco 13:1 84.5mm pistons brian crower lightweight rods act 8lb flywheel exedy stage 2 clutch kit toda timing belt gsr oil pump gsr water pump Yonaka dual core radiator Avid torque and engine mounts arp studs b18 block waiting to be sleeved to 84.5mm

K-Series Vs. B-Series Street Showdown
Old forgotten video of the Superman EF K-series taking on a B-series EG hatch Heads up 1/8th Mile in Southern Mexico.

Honda Engines- B Series
Honda Vtec/SIR/SIR2/TypeR Engines from 1988-2001 (Music/Video Producer CHECK OUT youtube.com/theundergroundant more videos coming soon!!!

B-Series Vs K-Series Engine Swap What's More Practical?
For the Price of both which do you believe is better option as of right now? If you have a K swap in your integra/civic Let us all know how much it cost you for the entire thing! (I'm curious) ___ If anything I say you believe is wrong just let me know and I will correct it if I have to. Instagram: Middletonfilms