Race Concepts FZ - top speed run

Race Concepts (RC) tuned Yamaha FZ-16 (FZ-18) Owner - Rylan Lobo Rider - Joel Joseph Description - RC 180cc semi forged block, larger 32mm D slide race carb, 50mm cylindrical filter, RC tuned freeflow Exhaust system, RC custom grind camshaft, RC headwork etc Runs on normal pump gas, 10.5:1 compression ratio, stock gearing, stock CDI and stock weight. FZ version has no fairing and hence has more aero drag over the Fazer version. The bike in the video above is Yamaha FZ-16. Clocked 3000kms till date with the existing setup and has unmatched reliability. Engine going strong with a strong bottom and perfect tolerances. The quickest FZ built till date :)

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FZ 16 Top speed en Cali colombia.

fz-07/mt-07 review walk around akrapovic exhaust mods and yamaha/ ducati hypermotard comparison
Just a quick walk around review of my 2015 fz-07 and some of the upgrades/mods I have done so far.(I have also updated to bar end mirrors which are not shown in this vid but are pictured in thumbnail picture) My last bike was a 2013 ducati hypermotard 821 and although the yamaha is not as fast/powerful its an absolute blast!! Sound clip of Exhaust towards the end of the vid.

Kawahara Big Bore Kit 66 for FZ16 Byson
Kawahara Big Bore Kit 66 for FZ16/ Byson bought from spamsafe. So far these are the Upgrades and the costs in over a year of slowly upgrading the perfomance. Performance Upgrades/ costs : Kawahara Big Bore - Php 6,500 Main jet ( 117.5)- 300 K&N RC 1060 cone airfilter 4,500 FFE ( T4 Aluminum ) 4,000 Iridium plugs 800 42T Rear Sprocket 700 heavy duty chain 130+ links 1,000 Chain tensioner 1,000 Rear Tire IRC 150/60x17 6,500 TOTAL Php 25,300 Add shipping and labor and polishing of cams ( linis po ng upper sa ulo at polishing lang po) Stock CDI and pilot jet Performance so far ( Break in period ) : 5th gear, flat road @ 4000 rpm = 60 Kph 1st gear straight away @ 4000-5000 rpm 35-40 Kph Mileage 37 Kilometers to a liter Using 15-42 teeth sprocket combi. am planning to switch to 16-42 Teeth combi It's been two years na and so far no problems and still runs great. 3 years have gone by. 144 KPH @ 8700 RPM. No leaks. Runs great.

Yamaha fz16 200cc
This is my fz 16 ^^ sorry for the amatuer video coz im taking the video with my samsung S4