Race Concepts FZ - top speed run

Race Concepts (RC) tuned Yamaha FZ-16 (FZ-18) Owner - Rylan Lobo Rider - Joel Joseph Description - RC 180cc semi forged block, larger 32mm D slide race carb, 50mm cylindrical filter, RC tuned freeflow Exhaust system, RC custom grind camshaft, RC headwork etc Runs on normal pump gas, 10.5:1 compression ratio, stock gearing, stock CDI and stock weight. FZ version has no fairing and hence has more aero drag over the Fazer version. The bike in the video above is Yamaha FZ-16. Clocked 3000kms till date with the existing setup and has unmatched reliability. Engine going strong with a strong bottom and perfect tolerances. The quickest FZ built till date :)

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130 km/h FZ16 Filtro K&N Top Speed

KTM DUKE 200 speed cut off.
This bike is currently using 39T rear sprocket. (standard is 42T). this vid clearly shows that there is a speed limiter of some kind. Although the rev limiter hasn't kicked in, the speed cut jumps in after 137kmh. Thanks to an anonymous friend for the Vid. P/S : speed kills. Don't try this at home. lol

Race Concept FFE on FZ16 - With DEI Wrap Kit
Race Concepts Free Flow Exhaust with DEI Wrap Kit (Design Engineering Inc). Race Concepts Exhaust For more information visit: www.raceconcepts.in. For more enquires please contact Joel: joel@raceconcepts.in More Pics and Videos Here https://picasaweb.google.com/115930671665978803377/RaceConceptsUpgrade?auth key=Gv1sRgCK7S9IDdtKmvvgE DEI Kit Includes. Exhaust Wrap and Silicon Spray Paint. Video on how to Wrap your Exhaust http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h80V24mN5n4 Product Which I bought http://www.designengineering.com/category/catalog/design-engineering-inc/Exhaust-wraps-accessories/motorcycle-Exhaust-pipe-wrap-kit DEI Wrap Kit Features & Benefits: -Prevent burns -Improve Exhaust flow for better performance -Offers a custom style -$$ Increase horsepower $$ -Asbestos free & easy to install -Significant cost savings by bundling as a kit -Withstands direct continuous heat up to 1200°F -Protects against abrasions, hot oil spills, road grime and more! The role of an Exhaust wrap ------------------------------------------ What the Exhaust wrap really does is prevent your Exhaust tubes to cool down. Therefore an exaust system equiped with the right set of wrap will keep the Exhaust gases of your engine at a high temperature. Maintaining the Exhaust gases at higher temperatures increases performance on several levels When traveling at a higher speed in your wrapped Exhaust system, the gases will increase the scavenging effect and improve the performance of the intake and Exhaust systems as a whole. The Exhaust gases are therefore removed faster from your motorcycle or car Exhaust system when hot. Exhaust wrap also improves the performance of the engine in general. Once again, the hot Exhaust gases will be expulsed more quickly, leaving room for purer air in the combustion chamber. This will increase the quality of the air-fuel mixture and then improving the engine's performance. Check our wide range of product to find the right Exhaust wrap that perfectly fit your needs. Info From : http://www.thermalvelocity.co.uk/page.asp?id=distrib

Race Conceps Fz 16 - 180cc - full works - street monster on a casual spin - uphill on flyover
Race Concepts (RC) - Joel Joseph tuned - Yamaha Fz-16 RC 180cc - semi forged bigbore,RC race cam, 50mm cylinderical filter, RC headwork, RC Exhaust, 32mm slide type race carb etc