Ford Cortina Mk 2 Savage V6 Engined Classics

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Piece of shit car.wmv
this was a Cortina MK2 1600E, that I restored back in 1982, wish I could have kept it, it would be worth a few bob nowadays

mk2 cortina savage
a true bilt not bought car full bare shell rebuild. 95% compleated car built by my dad.

ebay 1967 1600E
1600E 1967

Mk3 Cortina 'Maizey' first inspection
First official inspection of this 'rescued form a field' Mk3 2 Door GXL Auto 2.0 ford cortina. I have repaired the brakes and fuel lines allowing me to drive the car. Car has been stationary and in the field since 1983. Its quite incredible it fired up and drive. Bodywork was not bad considering the situation. Could have been much much worse. 32 years of weather has been attacking this car and it still starts. All hail the ford pinto. Bulletproof.