68 camaro Buick V6 Turbo

1968 Camaro Buick Stage 2 turbocharged engine This shows the very early stages of this build. The car was painted Viper Blue soon after this video and has since gone through more changes to the engine, turbo, Exhaust and fuel management system. Best time so far is 1.46 60' 6.19 in 1/8 @ 114 mph 9.64 in 1/4 @ 141.56

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Buick stage 2 V6 startup
274 cubic inch naturally aspirated initial startup to check for leaks and break it in.

Sand drag race with HUGE turbos!
Sand drag race in UAE. December 2012. Some of the 6cylinder cars have over 1500whp. And the v8 turbos even more.. Filmed and edit by: Pbjorck

Buick Turbo V6 Chevy LUV 8.90 ET
November 2012, Sonoma Infineon Raceway, ET of 8.90 @ 152 MPH turbocharged 240 CID Buick V6

Buick stage 2 NASCAR motor.
This is a Buick v6 stage 2 NASCAR motor. It is a 4 stage dry sump on center even fire motor. It has a hole in the block. This was filmed on an ipad2.