2002 Honda Civic Si HB Greddy Exhaust Sound

This is short clip of my 02' Honda Civic Si (daily driver) being rev'd up with a Greddy catback Exhaust system.

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2002 Honda Civic Si EP3 - POV test drive
Another day, another Civic Si, this time in the form of Vincent's EP3 hatchback. This 7th gen Si is notorious for ditching its predecessor's 8000rpm screaming VTEC motor, double wishbone front suspension, and hydraulic steering. It's also heavier, taller, and no quicker in a straight line. But do the specs on paper tell the whole story? Watch the full video to find out. Quicker driving begins at 7:29. I'm always on the lookout for more cars to review, so please reach out if you have something fun!

2002 Honda civic si Ep3
me and my bro in his ep3, more videos to come

2002 Honda civic si w/ 07 K24a2 swap
Only a few days after the swap i took the car to Island Dragway to see how she would do. Car has 07 Tsx (K24a2) swap and 08 Civic si 6 speed. I had issues with traction and will return with slicks next year.

Civic Hatchback With LOUD Exhaust Revving And Flooring It
This Civic hatchback had a REALLY LOUD Exhaust. The driver was revving it at a Vagfest car show so I decided to film it. He actually floored it down the street and really let the camera hear the Exhaust sound. Many people would consider this a ricer car, but the truth is that the civic's muffler sounded really nice...ricer or not!