OTC Tool Guy Pegisys Direct - Hit Technician No Scan Tool Communication

When setting up the the tool and connecting it to the vehicle, there is no communication to and from the tool and the vehicle.

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PCM No Communication Diagnosis
No crank, no start diagnosis of a 2010 Ford Focus. Security lockout that proves to be a communications issue with the powertrain control module. This video illustrates a basic simple means of diagnosis for these issues using a graphing multimeter to verify the network integrity. Please use the comments section for any questions. Thank you for watching!

OTC Tool Guy Pegisys Direct - Hit Technician 2004 Toyota Prius 1.5 Ltr. Engine P1121, P1116
2004 Toyota Prius 1.5L Customer Complaint = Check engine light On and codes P1121, P1116 set Procedure: 1. Check to see if the technical service bulletin EG024-05 has been performed for the coolant flow control valve. 2. Monitor the position sensor and check to see if the coolant flow control valve can be operated to move open and closed. Potential Causes: Coolant Flow Control Valve Confirmed Fix: Perform TSB

This video addresses the most current changes and enhancements to the SPX OTC Pegisys. Technical sales rep and Vice President of JA Echols; Stuart Amols is the presenter.

OTC Tool Guy Pegisys Direct - Hit Technician 2004 Ford F250 Lariet SD 6.0 Ltr. Diesel Engine Misfire
Vehicle misfires, does not acellerate well, seem to be underpowered, loss of power, low power.