OTC Tool Guy Pegisys Direct - Hit Technician No Scan Tool Communication

When setting up the the tool and connecting it to the vehicle, there is no communication to and from the tool and the vehicle.

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Pegisys Code to Fix Webinar Part 2 03-25-10
This webinar covered "Code to Fix" illustration of a fast and simple diagnostic procedure using Pegisys to retrieve a Code, obtain repair information for the code and verify the failure and fix. This training demonstrates how Direct - Hit - Technician repair information can be utilized to proceed to the direct test of the failure using the lab scope. Also covered was the On-Tool Repair Information to further guide the technician through the fix. The final part of the webinar covered the various uses of the Pegisys Datastream feature to validate the repair, A brief tour of other training finished off this webinar training session.

OTC PEGISYS Wireless Diagnostic Scan Tool - Overview

OTC Tool Guy Pegisys Direct - Hit Technician 2006 Nissan Altima Base 2.5 Ltr. Engine
2006 Nissan Altima Base 2.5L Customer Complaint = Idle speed is incorrect, check engine light is on and code P0507 is set Procedure: 1. Perform the Accelerator Pedal Released Position Learning procedure. 2. Perform the Throttle Valve Closed Position Learning procedure. 3. Perform the Idle Air Volume Learning procedure. Follow TSB# NTB05-067 and disconnect one or more fuel injectors as necessary to bring the RPM down and perform the Idle Air Volume Learning procedure. 4. If the idle will not relearn, it may be necessary to bring the vehicle to the dealer to have the factory scan tool, try going through the relearn procedures. 5. If the problem still occurs, the vehicle may require throttle body replacement. Potential Causes: Accelerator Pedal Released Position Learning Idle Air Volume Learning Procedure Throttle Body Throttle Valve Control Module — Throttle valve closed position learning. Confirmed Fix: 13 - Idle Air Volume Learning Procedure 10 - Idle Air Relearn Procedure 7 - Throttle Body 6 - Idle 3 - Accelerator Pedal Released Position Learning 3 - Idle Relearn Procedure, Throttle Body 2 - Engine Vacuum 2 - Idle Relearn Procedure 2 - Throttle Adaptation 1 - Electronic Throttle Body, Powertrain Control Module (PCM) 1 - Engine Control Module (ECM), Idle Relearn Procedure 1 - Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Valve 1 - Relearn Procedure 1 - Throttle Angle

OTC Tool Guy Pegisys Direct - Hit Technician 2003 Volkswagen Jetta 1.9 Ltr P0380
2000 Volkswagen Jetta 1.9L TDI ALH Customer Complaint = Check engine light on, vehicle starts hard cold code P0380 stored Procedure: 1. With the ignition switch turned off, disconnect the Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS). 2. Turn the ignition to the on position. The glow plug relay should energize for about 20 seconds (glow system self-test) and supply the glow plugs with 12 volts. 3. Check the amp draw on each individual glow plug. A normal glow plug will show a draw of about 9 amps (On initial application of power, the amp draw will spike high until the glow plug begins to heat. A typical spike can run as high as 19 amps). 4. Check the glow plug wiring and connections for damage, looseness or corrosion. 5. A difference in amperage draw of 3 amps between glow plugs can cause a code P0380 to set. Be sure that all glow plugs are within 3 amps of each other on initial application of power and also during normal glow period. 6. If glow plugs fail testing, always replace them as a set. Potential Causes: Malfunctioning Glow Plug Relay Glow Plug Wiring Assy Malfunctioning Glow Plugs Confirmed Fix: 14 - Glow Plug 3 - Glow Plug Wiring 1 - Glow Plug Relay 3 - Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor, Thermostat 1 - Coolant Temp Sender, Thermostat 1 - Cylinder Head Gasket