Evo X VS G37s race

Stock Mitsubishi Evo X VS Bolt ons g37s race

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Evo x vs g37 vs is350
I'm in my friend's Evo vs an is350 and a g37. I believe the g37 was taking it easy in the shifting. Btw, this was filmed in Mexico. The Evo also has 3 people inside it while the g37 had 2

Evo vs G37
After work racing with my boy. Got my GoPro on my G. 🎮

Evo X vs g37
Showed up to a hangout in Mexico as I'm trying to park, one of his buddies asked me if I want it to run it.. I said why not after the race they called me a puppy kicker lol I don't know why... he said the g was stock instagram https://www.instagram.com/maneattoes

09 370z vs Evo X
Stock Evo X vs 09 370z Base with Z1 HFC and Invidia Catback. Rolling Start from 2nd gear @ 40 km/hr