DogBox Racing Dyno Tune

DogBox Racing Dyno Tune Session Shot & Edited by JonnyFury I apologize for the camera movement, as I did not have a tripod at the time..the camera was sitting on a cardboard box and the sound pressure was causing the camera to move about. Enjoy the Video!

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Dogbox Racing Evo 2013 Dsm/Evo Shootout Trip
Alex and the Dogbox Racing Evo. These were all his passes from the weekend. Congrats on getting the car running the week of, and then going on to win the Shootout! Talk about a consistent 8 second car. Taking the long way every time!

2JZ Cressida Ride Along - Dog Box 4 Speed - Robert Turnbow's drift car
This was a little test run we did just after installing the dog box, new driveshaft, and a few other little things here and there. Running on an AEM EMS, not sure of the specs on the car.

Straight Cut 1-4 PPG trans 08 WRX Everyday driving
Exactly as it says, this is me just cruising with my 08 WRX with a built gearbox with PPGs by Andrewtech automotive. The wait was worth it but it was one hell of a wait to say the least.

DogBox Racing 8 sec Evo
DogBox Racing brings ther built Evo to Englishtown Raceway Park, to test, and makes a 8 sec 1/4 mile pass, visit and dont forget you race it we tape it