SOUNDER Commuter train #1505 in Kent, WA

SOUNDER Passenger Commuter train #1503 Seattle-Tacoma in Kent, WA on 7.18.2008. Locomotive EMD F59PHI #908 with Bombardier passenger cars. GREAT AIR HORN SOUND. BNSF - Seattle Subdivision.

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Sounder Train Rush Hour! 8 Fast Trains in 2 Minutes!
In a short time span on the main rails of the Puget Sound, any rail fan is able to catch a parade of Sounder Commuter Trains (part of Sound Transit) carrying the evening rush hour crowd back to their homes safely. Enjoy this video as the rails come to life with activity on a Monday afternoon featuring 6 Sounder Trains, 1 Amtrak Cascades and the BNSF finale.

Regularly scheduled Sounder trains to Lakewood.
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Sounder Trains Super Horn Show
Forget the robo horns that sound horrendous, when the real deal still gets the job done. In this video you'll see mostly Sounder Trains with a few other common sights mixed including Sounder in reverse. One of the best liveries on a passenger train along the West Coast!

Sounder commuter rail at Kent station 2014.7
Sounder commuter rail at Kent station (Kent, WA United States) * Sounder commuter train * Amtrak train * BNSF freight train シアトル Sound Transit Sounder ケント駅にて (アメリカ合衆国 ワシントン州)