SOUNDER Commuter train #1505 in Kent, WA

SOUNDER Passenger Commuter train #1503 Seattle-Tacoma in Kent, WA on 7.18.2008. Locomotive EMD F59PHI #908 with Bombardier passenger cars. GREAT AIR HORN SOUND. BNSF - Seattle Subdivision.

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Sounder Train
A very mild and sunny afternoon in early February provided the encouragement to get out with the Flip Camcorder and capture some railroad video. I was rewarded with plenty of action down at the Tukwila Station, which is just south of the city of Seattle, Washington. One of the objectives was to catch the Sounder Train. Sounder is the Puget Sound area commuter rail service and serves points between Everett and Tacoma. On this day, the Sounder is right on schedule into Tukwila having left Seattle about 3:35. This is the first of six southbound trains operating in the afternoon/evening. The train does not operate midday or on weekends, except for sporting or special events. The Puget Sound area was very slow to adopt commuter rail service, but now that its here, its very popular and a huge success. The trip from Seattle to Tacoma takes about 1 hour and it would be very unlikely to accomplish the same via private car given the traffic conditions on I-5.

BNSF Freight Trains at Seattle King Street Station
BNSF Freight Trains at Seattle King Street Station. Train 1: BNSF Manifest w/ BNSF Dash 9-44CW #5438 Train 2: BNSF Coal Train w/ BNSF SD70MAC Whiteface #9713 Train 3: BNSF Mixed Freight w/ BNSF EMD GP38-M #1512 Train 4: BNSF Mainfest w/ BNSF Dash 9-44CW #5408 Train 5: BNSF Hopper Train w/ BNSF Dash 9-44CW 4845 and Heritage I #1113 ©Pilotkev170 2009

Sounder trains meet; loco on 2nd train has 'Orca' paint scheme
Two Sounder trains meet at Kent Station

Everett to Seattle Sounder Commuter Train
First Everett to Seattle Sounder Train through Carkeek Park. Engineer gave a couple of friendly blasts as I gave him a "thumbs up" in return. ***Dedicated to TheRecorder*** Glad to see you're posting great videos again! I still miss the old ones.