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SOUNDER Commuter train #1505 in Kent, WA

SOUNDER Passenger Commuter train #1503 Seattle-Tacoma in Kent, WA on 7.18.2008. Locomotive EMD F59PHI #908 with Bombardier passenger cars. GREAT AIR HORN SOUND. BNSF - Seattle Subdivision.


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Sounder Trains Super Horn Show
Forget the robo horns that sound horrendous, when the real deal still gets the job done. In this video you'll see mostly Sounder Trains with a few other common sights mixed including Sounder in reverse. One of the best liveries on a passenger train along the West Coast!

BNSF/Amtrak/Sounder at Seattle 7-16-08 ***WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY****
***WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY*** Here is video I shot after taking Sounder into Seattle to visit my grandparents. Train 1: BNSF GP38 #2285 and ex-BN GP39-2 #2720 with a 3-car ballast train. Train 2: SDRX 906 leads. Train 3: SDRX 909 leads the train I took, #1704, back to the coach yard. Train 4: Cabcar 306 leads a Southbound SDRX train into King Street Train 5:CN SD40-2W #5351 leads this empty garbage train. The CN power will probably brought north to CN territory. This same CN unit I caught leading a windmill train a few days earlier. Check out that video if you haven't seen it. Train 6: ex-ATSF Dash 9-44CW #632 and another warbonnet lead an autorack train. Train 7: The PD is coming to arrest Me! Just kidding....the BNSF Hyrail truck needed to cross King Street and was getting tired of people driving right in front of him. Right as I'm filming this, here comes a light engine move! BNSF 9-44CW #1077, still in its old paint! Train 8: Dash 9-44CW #1077 again, this time facing the right direction! Train 9: BNSF ES44DC #7507 leads a stacker, with ex-BN SD60M #8152 trailing. Train 10: Amtrak P42DC #151 leads the Coast Starlight out of King Street southbound for Los Angeles, CA. #113 is trailing. Great K5LA action on this one. Thanks for watching!

Sounder and Amtrak at King Street Station.
WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY WATCH VIDEO CLOSELY STARTING AT 1:33----------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- Here is some more Sounder and Amtrak action At Seattle's King Street Station, First we see the first southbound sounder of the day depart with the SDRX 902 the city of destiny locomotive, we then see the next few sounders arrive and depart and we see the arrival of Amtrak 506 from Portland. We finish the video with two shots of the second sounder departing and the 3rd sounder arriving into the station.

BNSF Freight Trains at Seattle King Street Station©
BNSF Freight Trains at Seattle King Street Station. Train 1: BNSF Manifest w/ BNSF Dash 9-44CW #5438 Train 2: BNSF Coal Train w/ BNSF SD70MAC Whiteface #9713 Train 3: BNSF Mixed Freight w/ BNSF EMD GP38-M #1512 Train 4: BNSF Mainfest w/ BNSF Dash 9-44CW #5408 Train 5: BNSF Hopper Train w/ BNSF Dash 9-44CW 4845 and Heritage I #1113 ©Pilotkev170 2009

Regularly scheduled Sounder trains to Lakewood.
Apparently Youtube doesn't know how to save description info.

Steam Trains Galore!
All aboard! Come along for a look at several steam trains running in the western United States! Steam Trains Galore is a 28 minute long video that features numerous shots of all sorts of different steam trains. You will see everything from small park trains to the big steam trains that make occasional runs on the main line today. This video is not narrated and there are no captions on any of the video clips, so if there are any questions about where some of these videos were filmed, I'd be happy to answer them. I'm trying to increase the variety of videos I have on my page, so this video is geared towards a different (younger) audience. This is to get a better sense as to what types of videos are the most popular. If this is well received, I will post more like it in the future. So, that said, please leave feedback. Thank you!

Sounder Train
A very mild and sunny afternoon in early February provided the encouragement to get out with the Flip Camcorder and capture some railroad video. I was rewarded with plenty of action down at the Tukwila Station, which is just south of the city of Seattle, Washington. One of the objectives was to catch the Sounder Train. Sounder is the Puget Sound area commuter rail service and serves points between Everett and Tacoma. On this day, the Sounder is right on schedule into Tukwila having left Seattle about 3:35. This is the first of six southbound trains operating in the afternoon/evening. The train does not operate midday or on weekends, except for sporting or special events. The Puget Sound area was very slow to adopt commuter rail service, but now that its here, its very popular and a huge success. The trip from Seattle to Tacoma takes about 1 hour and it would be very unlikely to accomplish the same via private car given the traffic conditions on I-5.

Valley Train
Conway Scenic Railroad's Valley Train with their EMD GP7.

C44-9W BNSF w/ mixed freight train, Great Air Horn Sound
GE DASH9-44CW #4453, 4315 with mixed manifast train of covered hoppers, tank cars and more in Kent, WA. BNSF - Seattle Subdivision. GREAT AIR HORN SOUND.

Everett to Seattle Sounder Commuter Train
First Everett to Seattle Sounder Train through Carkeek Park. Engineer gave a couple of friendly blasts as I gave him a "thumbs up" in return. ***Dedicated to TheRecorder*** Glad to see you're posting great videos again! I still miss the old ones.

Edmonds, WA on February 23, 2011 (Sounder and Amtrak Morning Commute)
0:24 - SDRX 906 South leads Sounder Commuter Train #1705 into Edmonds, WA. As the train was departing Edmonds, there was a big group meeting for the track gang at the Tool house behind me and the engineer blows the horn for the Form B Restriction. 2:00 - As the meeting is still in progress and passengers are walking to the station from their temporary Sounder Parking Lot area to catch Train #1707, Engineer Dennis on SDRX Train #1707 calls Foreman Ramirez to let them know that they were approaching. He was on the controls of SDRX 901 West with a dynamic duo horn blast of the K5LA and P2 horn combined. SDRX 901 is the only F59 with a P2 horn is because the unit was leased to Metrolink along with some of our cars, which we got all of it back now. 5:46 - Amtrak Cascades Train #510 makes a station stop at Edmonds for the trip to Vancouver BC with AMTK 90252 leading. As the passengers and the baggages are boarded into the train, Katrina Hall relayed Reiser's Form B to Train 510 so they can have permission to go through the red flag near Meadowdale Beach. As soon they got permission to go through the Form B, Train 510 departed Edmonds on time out of Edmonds.

Shave and a haircut from southbound sounder 1507 at Puyallup
[Watch In High Quality] Me and Jason giving BRIANamtrak a shave and a haircut just south of Puyallup station . Thanks For watching!

Sounder trains meet; loco on 2nd train has 'Orca' paint scheme
Two Sounder trains meet at Kent Station

SDRX 903 East Leads Sounder Commuter Train #1700
[NEW, UNSEEN VIDEO FROM MY OLD ACCOUNT!!] Sounder 903 East Leads an Northbound Sounder Commuter Train #1700 at Edmonds, WA. It was a cool November Evening and it was pretty busy. SDRX 903 was orginially leased from Virginia Railroad Express or VRE. Now, It is back here in Washington State and it still has a great K5LA horn as usual.

SDRX 909 West Leads Sounder Commuter Train #1705
SDRX 909 West Leads Sounder Commuter Train #1705 at Edmonds, WA. This F59PHI had a smooth K5LA horn and Cabcar 110 is also in the consist. Quite a bit of commuters riding the trains, which is good. Eventually, this area will be a double track and one of my picture will be on the Construction Banner for real. I'll have to give you that video once the banner is there. Enjoy.

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