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SOUNDER Commuter train #1505 in Kent, WA

SOUNDER Passenger Commuter train #1503 Seattle-Tacoma in Kent, WA on 7.18.2008. Locomotive EMD F59PHI #908 with Bombardier passenger cars. GREAT AIR HORN SOUND. BNSF - Seattle Subdivision.


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Sounder and Amtrak at King Street Station.
WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY WATCH VIDEO CLOSELY STARTING AT 1:33----------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- Here is some more Sounder and Amtrak action At Seattle's King Street Station, First we see the first southbound sounder of the day depart with the SDRX 902 the city of destiny locomotive, we then see the next few sounders arrive and depart and we see the arrival of Amtrak 506 from Portland. We finish the video with two shots of the second sounder departing and the 3rd sounder arriving into the station.

BNSF/Amtrak/Sounder at Seattle 7-16-08 ***WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY****
***WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY*** Here is video I shot after taking Sounder into Seattle to visit my grandparents. Train 1: BNSF GP38 #2285 and ex-BN GP39-2 #2720 with a 3-car ballast train. Train 2: SDRX 906 leads. Train 3: SDRX 909 leads the train I took, #1704, back to the coach yard. Train 4: Cabcar 306 leads a Southbound SDRX train into King Street Train 5:CN SD40-2W #5351 leads this empty garbage train. The CN power will probably brought north to CN territory. This same CN unit I caught leading a windmill train a few days earlier. Check out that video if you haven't seen it. Train 6: ex-ATSF Dash 9-44CW #632 and another warbonnet lead an autorack train. Train 7: The PD is coming to arrest Me! Just kidding....the BNSF Hyrail truck needed to cross King Street and was getting tired of people driving right in front of him. Right as I'm filming this, here comes a light engine move! BNSF 9-44CW #1077, still in its old paint! Train 8: Dash 9-44CW #1077 again, this time facing the right direction! Train 9: BNSF ES44DC #7507 leads a stacker, with ex-BN SD60M #8152 trailing. Train 10: Amtrak P42DC #151 leads the Coast Starlight out of King Street southbound for Los Angeles, CA. #113 is trailing. Great K5LA action on this one. Thanks for watching!

Regularly scheduled Sounder trains to Lakewood.
Apparently Youtube doesn't know how to save description info.

AMT Commuter Train Action At Montreal West Station Part 2
Very Windy evening at around 5 PM.

Sounder Train
A very mild and sunny afternoon in early February provided the encouragement to get out with the Flip Camcorder and capture some railroad video. I was rewarded with plenty of action down at the Tukwila Station, which is just south of the city of Seattle, Washington. One of the objectives was to catch the Sounder Train. Sounder is the Puget Sound area commuter rail service and serves points between Everett and Tacoma. On this day, the Sounder is right on schedule into Tukwila having left Seattle about 3:35. This is the first of six southbound trains operating in the afternoon/evening. The train does not operate midday or on weekends, except for sporting or special events. The Puget Sound area was very slow to adopt commuter rail service, but now that its here, its very popular and a huge success. The trip from Seattle to Tacoma takes about 1 hour and it would be very unlikely to accomplish the same via private car given the traffic conditions on I-5.

Diesel Trains Galore!
All aboard! Come along for this look at diesel-electric locomotives in the western United States! Continuing with this next installment in my Trains Galore video series, Diesel Trains Galore takes a look at a variety of different diesel locomotives including vintage locomotives owned and operated by museums as well as some of the most modern diesel electric locomotives running today. Everything from ALCO to GE, freight and passenger, F7 and SD70ACE locomotives, Diesel Trains Galore has it all! So please enjoy the video and be sure to leave feedback! If you liked this video, be sure to watch Steam Trains Galore! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PXgGnKhEdQ

Steam Trains Galore!
All aboard! Come along for a look at several steam trains running in the western United States! Steam Trains Galore is a 28 minute long video that features numerous shots of all sorts of different steam trains. You will see everything from small park trains to the big steam trains that make occasional runs on the main line today. This video is not narrated and there are no captions on any of the video clips, so if there are any questions about where some of these videos were filmed, I'd be happy to answer them. I'm trying to increase the variety of videos I have on my page, so this video is geared towards a different (younger) audience. This is to get a better sense as to what types of videos are the most popular. If this is well received, I will post more like it in the future. So, that said, please leave feedback. Thank you!

Sunday Sounder service and Amtrak # 14 in the snow.
*** WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY*** These are some shots i got on sunday of Sounder game service and a very late Amtrak coast starlight # 14 running over 15 hours late with the baggage car and the transition sleeper at the rear of the train due to some unknown problems, both trains blow through the snow making a cool show as they go by, the last shot you wouldnt believe is actually at about 7:00 at night but the snow is reflecting so much light it looks like the sun has just gone down. The power for all three trains was the SDRX 908, the AMTK 50 and the SDRX 903.

Railroad Profile: Sounder Commuter Rail
With 3 of us photographers combining our video photographic footage together, here is our next video of the Railroad Profile series. On this Railroad Profile Series, we look into Sounder Commuter Train service that serves the people in the Central Puget Sound area from Seattle to Everett and Tacoma. Sound Transit and BNSF Railroad started off the service on September 18, 2000 with two round trip trains that stops in Tacoma, Sumner and Auburn that terminated in Seattle. Puyallup and Kent stations were added February 5, 2001; with Tukwila being added March 12, 2001. Then, the 35 miles (56 km) Everett to Seattle line started with a Seahawks Game train on December 21, 2003. Regular service started on the 22nd with one morning train to Seattle and one evening train back. A second round trip train was added on June 6, 2005 to help increased ridership, a third was added in September 2007, and there are now four. On May 31, 2008 the Mukilteo station opened and trains started stopping at the station. There are currently three stops along the North Line: Edmonds, Mukilteo and Everett. Today, there are currently nine round trips on the South Line, with two operating in the reverse commute direction. This is the maximum number of trains permitted under the current contract with BNSF, whose tracks the trains run on. There are also 4 round trip trains on the North Line between Seattle and Everett. In July 2010, Sound Transit reached a new agreement with BNSF, valued at $185 million, which grants Sound Transit permanent access to the South Line corridor, as well as allowing four more daily round trips to begin, starting in 2012 and continuing through 2015. Sound Transit and BNSF are continuing plans to expand service in the South Sound by extending service to South Tacoma and Lakewood. For the North Line route, the Edmonds Station relocation project will includes a new east platform with larger passenger loading area and weather protected passenger shelter. The parking area will be updated, improved lighting will cover the platforms and parking, secure bike storage will be available and public art is ready for installation. The project will also construct a transit center at the north end of the station to accommodate Community Transit bus service with two passenger shelters and three bus bays. Once a second mainline has been added by the railway in the future, a new west platform will be constructed and the north portion of the east platform will be completed. This project is currently underway and expected to complete in early 2011. As the gas prices continue to rise and road congestion increases, more and more people are moving towards alternative transportation and one way to take it is Sounder Commuter Train. Videos were shot by Andrew Kim (this account), Dan Morris (css903), and Matt Farnsworth (mafarnz). Enjoy the video

Ep. 344: Metra Electric & South Shore Commuter Trains + The Chicago "L"
Spend an hour on Chicago's Jackson Street overpass on the Metra Electric District as 10 commuter trains pass under heading to and from Millennium Station. Also seen are two trains of the Chicago "L" passing over Jackson on the east side of the "Loop". Featured are Metra trains with both the old and new "Highliner" trainsets, plus one NCITD train with bilevel equipment. Metra Electric Train #326 Consist: - 4 EMU Highliner Cars [Original 1970s Version] Location/Time: - Metra Electric, Chicago, Ill, Jackson Dr Overpass, on 5-23-14 at 15:03 CDT Metra Electric Train #227 Consist: - 4 EMU Highliner Cars [Original 1970s Version] Location/Time: - Metra Electric, Chicago, Ill, Jackson Dr Overpass, on 5-23-14 at 15:07 CDT Metra Electric Train #327 Consist: - 4 EMU Highliner Cars [Original 1970s Version] Location/Time: - Metra Electric, Chicago, Ill, Jackson Dr Overpass, on 5-23-14 at 15:11 CDT Metra Electric Train Extra Consist: - 6 EMU Highliner Cars [Stainless 2000s Version] Location/Time: - Metra Electric, Chicago, Ill, Jackson Dr Overpass, on 5-23-14 at 15:19 CDT NICTD "South Shore" Train #109 Consist: - 6 EMU cars [Bi-Level 2009 Version] Location/Time: - Metra Electric, Chicago, Ill, Jackson Dr Overpass, on 5-23-14 at 15:20 CDT Metra Electric Train #127 Consist: - 6 EMU Highliner Cars [Stainless 2000s Version] Location/Time: - Metra Electric, Chicago, Ill, Jackson Dr Overpass, on 5-23-14 at 15:23 CDT Metra Electric Train #329 Consist: - 4 EMU Highliner Cars [Original 1970s Version] Location/Time: - Metra Electric, Chicago, Ill, Jackson Dr Overpass, on 5-23-14 at 15:30 CDT Metra Electric Train #331 Consist: - 4 EMU Highliner Cars [Original 1970s Version] Location/Time: - Metra Electric, Chicago, Ill, Jackson Dr Overpass, on 5-23-14 at 15:40 CDT *Deadheading into Millenium Station* Chicago "L" Southbound Consist: - 6 cars Location/Time: - Chicago "L" "Loop", Chicago, Ill, Jackson Dr Overpass, on 5-23-14 at 15:42 CDT Chicago "L" Northbound Consist: - 6 cars Location/Time: - Chicago "L" "Loop", Chicago, Ill, Jackson Dr Overpass, on 5-23-14 at 15:43 CDT Metra Electric Train #129 Consist: - 6 EMU Highliner Cars [Stainless 2000s Version] Location/Time: - Metra Electric, Chicago, Ill, Jackson Dr Overpass, on 5-23-14 at 15:46 CDT Metra Electric Train #128 Consist: - 6 EMU Highliner Cars [Stainless 2000s Version] Location/Time: - Metra Electric, Chicago, Ill, Jackson Dr Overpass, on 5-23-14 at 15:55 CDT Don't forget to rate, comment and subscribe!

Trains at Mukilteo and Seattle! (HORNS, AMTK, BNSF, UP)
Heres a complication of the trains we caught on the new Sounder Mukliteo station inauguration! Train 1: MUK: Amtrak 513 with F59PH #457. This area is a whistle ban zone, but he still blew a few short toots for us. Train #2: MUK: BNSF #854 leads an autorack train thru Mukilteo! Train 3: SEA: UP #8276 leads a trio of SD90s thru King Street Station. Train 4: ex-ATSF bluebonnet #6729 leads a light engine movement past Safeco Field. Train 5: ex-BN #2929 past Safeco Field with a NICE horn! Train 6: BNSF #5743 leads a stack train with a FOULED AND CRAPPY horn with Norfolk Southern power. Train 7: Amtrak Cascades (forgot the train #) departs King Street southbound with lots of INSANE K5LA ACTION!!!! (F59PHI #465 is leading)

Railfanning at Auburn Sounder Commuter Train Station 11/27/2013
On the day before Thanksgiving Day, I decided to hit trackside at the Auburn Sounder Commuter Train Station to catch some trains from a different pace that I was used to back in the Edmonds area. The weather was a bit chilly, but nice and dry. It was a really long time that I haven't railfanned in the Auburn area; probably for the last 2 years. Train #1: Amtrak Cascades Train #509 blasted Southbound through the station about 79 MPH. AMTK 117 was leading the train with NPCU 90340 trailing. Train #2: Amtrak Cascades Train #516 wasted no time heading North as it went through the station track speed. AMTK NPCU 90278 was leading with 150 trailing. Train #3: A Northbound Unit Crude Oil Train thundered northbound through the station and was making some good speed through the Station. Probably close to 50 MPH. BNSF 1038 was leading with 2 DPUs in the back. Total of 338 axles on this freight. Train #4: Southbound Sounder Commuter Train #1519 making a station stop at the station with the engineer waving a flashlight at me to say hi to me. SDRX 904 was leading with cabcar 103 trailing. Enjoy the video.

Valley Train
Conway Scenic Railroad's Valley Train with their EMD GP7.

Edmonds, WA on February 23, 2011 (Sounder and Amtrak Morning Commute)
0:24 - SDRX 906 South leads Sounder Commuter Train #1705 into Edmonds, WA. As the train was departing Edmonds, there was a big group meeting for the track gang at the Tool house behind me and the engineer blows the horn for the Form B Restriction. 2:00 - As the meeting is still in progress and passengers are walking to the station from their temporary Sounder Parking Lot area to catch Train #1707, Engineer Dennis on SDRX Train #1707 calls Foreman Ramirez to let them know that they were approaching. He was on the controls of SDRX 901 West with a dynamic duo horn blast of the K5LA and P2 horn combined. SDRX 901 is the only F59 with a P2 horn is because the unit was leased to Metrolink along with some of our cars, which we got all of it back now. 5:46 - Amtrak Cascades Train #510 makes a station stop at Edmonds for the trip to Vancouver BC with AMTK 90252 leading. As the passengers and the baggages are boarded into the train, Katrina Hall relayed Reiser's Form B to Train 510 so they can have permission to go through the red flag near Meadowdale Beach. As soon they got permission to go through the Form B, Train 510 departed Edmonds on time out of Edmonds.

Everett to Seattle Sounder Commuter Train
First Everett to Seattle Sounder Train through Carkeek Park. Engineer gave a couple of friendly blasts as I gave him a "thumbs up" in return. ***Dedicated to TheRecorder*** Glad to see you're posting great videos again! I still miss the old ones.

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