Ford laser beating a BMW

Jason's $400 laser beating Ahmeds $10000 BMW

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KE 4wd Turbo Tx3, my blue Tx3 parts 1
a time line with pics about my tx3 late 2005 - mid 2006 ALL INFO ON CAR HERE-:

Ford Laser RS GB-3916 Practice Run
Mazda Ford Club Meet 2008

Ford Laser Ghia Turbo, Mount Panorama Lap
Nanna's Laser is back.. sporting 16PSI from the IHI turbo and mapping from Gizzmo NZ.. and a whole new suspension system. Scanner is the background chatter and noise (cant be too careful !). EPMD - Rampage Rakim - Juice

Pimp My Ride - Ford Laser
Dion never dreamt of having a hotted up car and was just amazed at what 'Pimp My Ride' did for him!