2013 Lexus LX570 Supercharger VS 2012 Lexus IS-F Yas drag race in UAE

2013 - 2012 Lexus LX570 Super charger 13.8 160KM/H VS 2012 Lexus IS-F 13.9 165KM/H Japanese cars drag race BuShihab R Ahmad turbo

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2012 GTR R35 vs Nissan VTC T51R MoTeC vs Camaro ss l99 prochargerd head cam
Sorry for this short video this video just for fun 2012 GTR R35 Black Edition turbo back, Intake filter, Intercooler with pipe, ID 1000cc, ALPHA LOGIC TUNNING vs Nissan Patrol VTC piston, connecting rods, Head ( Valve, CAM, Shaft, spring) , injectors Normal fuel, turbo T51R, MoTeC M600 vs Chevrolet Camaro ss l99 Procharged Supercharger D1SC,CNC ported Head, Custom Cam, Torque convertar, Full bolt-ons, Drag radials tire Full suspension, 102Fast intake, tune, Soak problems in intake running in 7psi Bushihab R Ahmad turbo Ahmad Makki Street race racing Sport and super cars in UAE 4x4 suv Japanese cars نيسان فتك توربو تيربو سباق دعاس ريس عرب

Evolution x 950R AMS Turbo kit vs Jeep Srt8 turbo 1000whp+ (sniper)
mitsubishi Evo 10 evolution x Stroker 202, AMS 950R turbo kit, Stock ECU, Pump gas Built and tune by Tensai tuning vs Jeep Srt8 (Sniper) full Stroker, turbo Full redction weight including: fiber doors, plastic windows, fully stripped down interior excluding the driver seat only, 1000whp+ US Spec EXTREME extreme motors garage كراج اكستريم Street race racing Bushihab R Ahmad turbo Ahmad Makki Sport and super cars in UAE Japanese cars vs American car SUV 4X4

Evolution X AMS TURBO KIT vs 2012 MP4 12C & Nissan VTC Turbo & GT2 turbo kit & STI upgrade
Evolution X AMS turbo KIT vs 2012 Maclaren MP4 12C Nissan patrol VTC turbo & GT2 turbo upgrade & Subaru STI turbo upgrade Evolution X evo 10 Mitsubishi Bolt-ons, Cams, Methanol, AMS 900X turbo kit, built engine, Tune Tensai tuning vs Porsche 911 GT2 Twin turbo kit garrett gt30 Methanol, Full boltons, Clutch & EVOLUTION 8 Full boltons, 2.4L Stroker, greddy 70 turbo kit, 630whp vs McLaren MP4 -12C 2012 (factory upgrade) & Nissan VTC turbo Greddy T88 turbo kit, MoTeC M800, Full built Engine Race fual Q16, 850whp Street race racing Bushihab R Ahmad turbo Ahmad Makki Sport and super cars in UAE Japanese cars vs German car

Nissan VTC 1000whp vs Evolution X 950R vs MP4 12C
Mclaren Mp4 12c p13 upgrade vs Mitsubishi Evolution x 950r turbo kit vs nissan patrol vtc turbo 1000 whp+ Uae street race Middle east Japanese power car Bushihab_r Ahmad Makki Ahmad turbo HD p