Superzuki demonstrating it's LSDs II

Another one of The Superzuki (K9RDJ) demonstrating it's twin LSDs - see them kick-in as the power goes on! (Notice Cadbury the offroading Labrador hanging out of the window too!)

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Air Locker vs LSD vs Traction Control Part 1
4x4 Action compare the differences between having an Air Locker, LSD and Traction Control under various real life situations

Suzuki Samurai vs. Jeep
Suburban Jeeping After a day of hard rain, Mike and J. Rich take on Suburban! This privately owned land is 20 miles south of St. Cloud. Locals who are fortunate enough to own a special key, can take their four wheelers and side by sides out for a little mudding fun. Mike and his 4X4 Jeep and J. Rich in his Suzuki Samurai, started the morning off with out a hitch, BUT not before long the old Samurai was showing signs of wear. The drivers had their work cut out for them, as the normal mud trails had been turned into canals of water. Who won? Well I will let you decide.

SUPERZUKİ by: Kaan Sayın [HD]