Superzuki demonstrating it's LSDs II

Another one of The Superzuki (K9RDJ) demonstrating it's twin LSDs - see them kick-in as the power goes on! (Notice Cadbury the offroading Labrador hanging out of the window too!)

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Superzuki demonstrating it's LSDs
The Superzuki Vitara (K9RDJ) climbing out of the side of "Wipe Out Hill" at the Woodlands offroad site. Watch those LSDs (Limited Slip Differentials) Work! ;)

Superzuki does Tong Lake
The Superzuki (K9RDJ) having a swim (float?!) through Tong's lake in Yorkshire

Superzuki breezing through The Graveyard
The Superzuki (K9RDJ) making The Graveyard look like a walk in the woods - Woodlands Offroad Centre, Kent, UK

WAZUKS at Evans Creek 6-30-07
Several of us went to Evans Creek OHV area. I didn't get much video, but here's a little.