Only Murdered Out 64 Lincoln Continental on 24's!!!!!!!!!!!


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Custom Gangster Lincoln Continental
READ THIS! NOT MY VEHICLE! AND OBVIOUSLY ITS NOT REALLY A TRUE "GANGSTER" CAR! Lots of nice touches in and out. The owner did a nice job. Here is a video of this vehicle 3 years later!!! (ignore) TAGS: mafia tommy gun shotgun rifle brass knuckles chicago texas las vegas al capone don corleone wise guy good fellas godfather pistol murder hit whack lincoln gang gangster bulletproof speakeasies moonshine 1920's 1930'sm1940's 1950's 1960's Girls Hot babes colt 1911 molotov Godfather V8 fast V12 alcohol liquor dope cigerettes

68 continental on 22's
all original

The Detail Boss: Jet Black 1964 Lincoln Continental: Classic Brought to Life
The 1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible. This sought after classic was a mess before our client chose us to make it nearly free of all imperfections. Performing our 3 Step Deluxe-Signature Hybrid detail, we removed about 90% of all minor surface imperfections without touching the car with sandpaper. All original white leather, once dingy and hard, has now been fully cleaned by hand, our state of the art steamer, and conditioned with leather treatment to make them supple and soft like marshmallows. The convertible top, including the plastic window, has been brought back to life with our unique techniques to remove dirt, over-spray, and any other environmental fallout that was imbedded on the top. Check out our website for more about who we are and what we do! We'd love to hear from you! Home Page:

Dax Shepard's 1967 Lincoln Continental
Johnny Hunkins of Popular Hot Rodding magazine interviews actor and producer Dax Shepard about his 1967 Lincoln hot rod featured in his new movie "Hit & Run."