M35 twin turbo and 350z twin turbo quarter Mile Drag

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Infiniti M35 turbo Vs Camaro
http://import2race.com Infiniti M35 turbo Vs Camaro

infiniti m35 vs Civic type r

M45 Infiniti Drifting- Chris Forsberg Ride along with Import2race
visit http://import2race.com Chris Forsberg M56 Infiniti Ride along Drifting & John Torres from Import2race. A Club Loose event.

BUYER BEWARE! ~ INFINITI M35 & M45 QUALITY ISSUES. My $50,000 Infiniti M35 has been to several Infiniti dealerships in Birmingham & Atlanta for EXCESSIVE rattles and navigation repairs. *Five annoying squeaks & rattles within the first 5000 miles! *Eleven visits to 2 different dealerships with 42 days in the shop! *Unacceptable results dealing with Infiniti Consumer Affairs! *Four visits to the dealerships to correctly fix the navigation system that was continuously getting "lost". My M35 has spent 42 days in the shop dealing with poor interior design and unreliable navigation issues. I spend my few days off living at the repair shop! Most of the squeaks & rattles occur after 30 or so miles of travel during my 140 mile one way commute. Often, I have all 5 rattles occurring simultaneously. Driving this car will have you consuming a bottle of wine when you arrive home. The dash (cold) rattle occurs when the interior is cold. I just leave the AC off in the middle of summer prevent this rattle! The door rattles occur mostly on the interstate at highway speeds. The rattle is the rear deck area occurs mostly when playing the sound system, but also with the sound system off. Therefore, you can not crank the stereo to drown the other rattles. The Navigation system stayed "lost" given unreliable directions. My I-phone had to be use for dependable directions. The navigation issue was successfully repair on my 4th visit by moving the GPS antenna to a suitable location in the dash for proper signal reception. This is a common complaint with M series owners. Nissan/ Infiniti consumer affairs did NOTHING successfully to solve this issue and CLOSED the case making this nightmare even worse! I felt that my dog listened better to me than they did.