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Anaconda tool pdr- 2.

Анаконда -универсальный инструмент avto-dent@mail.ru http://www.facebook.com/vitali.oktpdr


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Anaconda tool pdr -4.
Анаконда -универсальный инструмент avto-dent@mail.ru http://www.facebook.com/vitali.oktpdr

Anaconda tool pdr - -5.
Анаконда -универсальный инструмент avto-dent@mail.ru

www.av-tool.ru профессиональный PDR инструмент

PDR-ремонт вмятин. Ремонт вмятин без покраски
Ремонт двери Калина

Anaconda tool -6
Анаконда -универсальный инструмент avto-dent@mail.ru http://www.facebook.com/vitali.oktpdr

Anaconda tool - Paintless Dent Repair-1
Анаконда -универсальный инструмент avto-dent@mail.ru http://www.facebook.com/vitali.oktpdr

PDR LED Light Review | Paintless Dent Repair Removal Tools | Dent Time
http://www.denttime.com Since I have been in the (PDR) paintless dent repair industry, the development and innovation of lighting has come a long way. Portability, weight and efficiency seem to be the main stream of the new PDR lights. And added to those benefits are now LED lighting. My latest review will be about some common PDR light stands, LED reflections and even a cordless LED light option. So join me as I share my findings and hope you find this review interesting. Here are the links to PDR tool companies. http://www.propdrsolutions.us http://www/ultradenttools.com http://www.dentspeciallistsinternational.com

Инструмент Для Ремонта Вмятин Без Покраски

Anaconda tool pdr -3.
Анаконда -универсальный инструмент avto-dent@mail.ru

Tips Tool Anaconda
Tips Tool Anaconda

Flat Bar PDR Mini Tutorial (Tacoma Dent)
http://www.denttrainer.com http://www.denttime.com Learn how to use the flat bars like the Dent Dial, Anaconda and PDR Finesse dent tools. This paintless dent repair training tutorial gives you a sneak peek what the full version geared towards. Check out the rest at DentTrainer.com

Прибор для удаления вмятин
Подробности о толщиномерах на сайте http://www.tolshinomer-lkp.ru/ Принцип работы прибора основан, на нагревании металла. В определенных случаях это дает преимущества при ремонте автомобиля или профилактических работах.

Калина Paintless Dent Repair -Обучение
Paintless Dent Repair ремонт вмятины pdr Удаление вмятин без покраски http://www.facebook.com/vitali.oktpdr

Сумки для инструмента Paintless Dent Repair
My good friend made the bags for tools, I want to show you some of them. Contact him possibly through the letterbox: ulesvenson@yandex.ru Or by phone:+7937 089 28 08 Ule Svenson. http://oktpdr.ru/forum/index.php?topic=1053.new#new

PDR Timelapse - Paintless Dent Removal Repair Time Lapse
http://www.denttime.com I decided to shoot my first time lapse doing paintless dent removal. It was fun and interesting. I forgot one thing to do which would have made the shot more interesting but not bad for my first dent repair time lapse. I hope you enjoy the video.

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1993 Ford F150 Lightning pickup truck turbo: 7.900 @ 174.800
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Johnny Lightning, Engine: JLP/STROKER, Turbos: Twin 81mm Bulls Eye Tires: Good Year

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brian macalister, Engine: 1300 cc, Supercharger: none Turbos: none Tires: dunlop

1993 Ford F150 Lightning : 9.455 @ 147.510
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2002 Ford F150 Lightning Johnny Lightning Edition: 9.510 @ 143.500
Johnny Lightning, Engine: JLP/STROKER, Supercharger: 3.6LC KenneBell Tires: Good Year

2004 Ford F150 Lightning SVT: 9.868 @ 137.440
John Graube, Engine: 5.4, Supercharger: Kenne Bell 2.6 Tires: Hoosier 30x10.5-15

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Jamie VanAcker, Engine: 438, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: N/A Tires: Hoosier

2001 Ford F150 Lightning DelValLo Street Truck: 9.920 @ 136.120
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1994 Jeep Wrangler Yj: 10.360 @ 125.800
Clint Olson, Engine: Small block chevy, Tires: M/T ET street

2004 Ford F150 Lightning SVT: 10.422 @ 129.422
Matt. H, Engine: 5.4 S.C, Supercharger: Whipple Turbos: no Tires: MT ET streets 295/65/15 DR's & MT sportsman 15/7.

2000 Ford F150 Lightning : 10.580 @ 127.690
John Hawryluk, Engine: 5.4 Lightning Mod Motor, Supercharger: 2.3 Kenne Bell Tires: Skinny's up front, Hoosier Slicks

1995 Ford F150 Lightning : 10.900 @ 128.850
Paul Vaughn, Engine: 383w, Turbos: Garret GT88 Tires: MT 315 DRs

2001 Ford F150 Lightning : 10.970 @ 123.510
MIKE CARDEN, Engine: 5.4, Supercharger: KB

1993 Jeep Wrangler School Project: 11.190 @ 114.000
School Project, Engine: 454, Tires: 32 x 14 Drag Slicks

2004 Ford F150 Lightning : 11.206 @ 120.632
Ed Martinez, Engine: 5.4, Supercharger: PSE Superchargers Modified KB Tires: Nitto 555R Ft. Hooser Slick 10.0

2004 Ford F150 Lightning : 11.210 @ 120.000
Big B, Engine: 5.4 2v, Supercharger: 2.3 Whittle Whipple Tires: hoosier

2001 Ford F150 Lightning : 11.479 @ 114.880
Mike Dye, Engine: MMR Street Mod 900, Supercharger: Whipple 2.3 6lb lower, 3.0 Upper Tires: 305/45/18 NT05R

1989 BMW 318i 4 drs sedan: 11.534 @ 116.680
Papito, Engine: M106, Turbos: GT45 Tires: MICKEY THOMPSON

2000 Ford F150 Lightning : 11.570 @ 116.550
Eric Korn, Engine: 5.4 / 330ci, Supercharger: Eaton M112 Tires: Hoosiers


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