Chevy Raptor

My home built in my driveway, no kits, prerunner Chevy. Driven by Baja 1000 2015 winner Justin Willis.

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The Blue Bomber 1yr build progress
This month finishes up the first year build up of the garage fab SilvaTech's budget prerunner. So here is a slideshow and video combo that shows the chapters. Enjoy and thanks for watching.

Raptor VS Chevy!
Norden VW in Edmonton just got a 'Used" 2012 Raptor and we also took in a $1 trade in the form of old Chevy! To display the bad ass-ness of the Raptor we decided to go all Monster Truck and crush the poor little car! You can buy this wonderful beast for $65,000 at Norden VW Edmonton, Alberta!

Chevy Prerunner About to Blow Up
Me rearranging vehicles in my driveway. Moving my Chevy to the garage so I can LS swap it

C4 started after sitting for a year
Our C4 sat idle for about a year before I put the effort into fixing what had parked it