Toyota MR2 Turbo Dyno Run

Like my Facebook page:!/ManusFilms Next on the Dyno is a second gen MR2 turbo. Filmed 12/11/10

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800HP MR2 turbo dyno run
Not my car. MR2 turbo with a HUGE turbo doing a run on the Dyno.

1991 Mr2 Turbo Gt28rs Berk Dyno Run
This was done at Dynomite Tuning in San Diego on 10-18-08 (The owner was driving my car, and when I say "check the Boost gauge, it's when I almost lost my voice completely lol) 1. (3rd gear @ 16psi) 260.45WHP, 217.20WTQ 2. (4th gear @ 16psi) 265.97WHP, 222.02WTQ Runs were completed on stock ecu and fuel, no tuning at the moment. So basically this is what you would expect if you had a stock GenII and got the Berk kit. -mr2oc FTW Oh yeah, current mods are: -EMS Boost gauge -EMS Intercooler -EMS manual Boost controller -Garret Gt28rs (from Berk) -Injen filter -Berk 3'' downpipe -Xs power 3'' dual Exhaust

MR2 Hard Launch, with happy ending Hard Launch. Toyota 1993 MR2 turbo 2.0L, 16 valve Stock engine, stock turbo 50ft of rubber laid on by the right tire No LSD 14PSI (Stock is 12PSI on 1993 model) General Exclaim UHP 215/35/18 on 18x8.5 front 235/35/19 on 19x10.5 rear Wheels: Work Meister S1 3pcs Sorry to burtst your bubble, it isn't the happy ending you had in mind ;)

MR2 TURBO dyno 306 hp
My Dyno when the swap was in my old shell. This is a gen 3 3sgte with stock ct20b turbo. Mods are 3 inch downpipe, Exhaust, sidemount Intercooler with fan, and apexi power fc standalone. Made 306 hp and 283 tq