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commonrail lope

03 commonrail cummins engine lope


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14mm Cummins Common Rail Gorilla Girdle 5.9 - 6.7 High Performance
http://www.randysengine.com How to intall our Gorilla Main Bearing Girdle on the Cummings 5.9 - 6.7 Common Rail Engine. FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 435-896-4876 OR 866-896-4801

'04 cummins lope

In cab ride in pulling truck
Harrodsburg kentucky rough ride

Cummins Twin Turbo 505hp
*******6x.016 installed Dyno # coming after this weekend********* the ats compound system on my truck (3000=+5000) sorry about the pause for the grid heater 505/1000

River City Diesel 6.4L Ford Powerstroke 585 Lope Idle SCT Race tune.
Brads 08` with the lope idle race tune.

1100+ HP 6.7 cummins
Custom tuned buy axell strickland. Which is my hero.

Cummins low idle lope...
Every morning since it's started getting cold my truck has been doing this little dance after it starts... I'm kinda torn on if I want to adjust my idle up or not since I don't have to peddle it to get it going :P

Duramax big lope idle
duramax lopeing

P-Pumped 24v Cummins Diesel Reving to 5,500 rpms!
Doing a few shakedown runs before last pulling season started, revving to 5,500. Motor built by me at DRB Diesel Performance. Stay tuned for videos of the new truck soon to be completed.

Smarty Tuner In A Common Rail Cummins
Get maximum power and fuel economy gains for your 5.9L Cummins Common Rail diesel with the Smarty tuner from MADS Electronics. Visit Parley's Diesel Performance for all your diesel performance parts needs. http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/categories/tuners http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/products/smarty-power-on-demand-pro grammer-s-06-pod-for-2003-2007-dodge-ram-5-dot-9l-cummins-diesels http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/manufacturer/smarty http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/vehicles/dodge-cummins

98.5 cummins
98.5 cummins

7.3 extreme lope idle

EFI live tuned Duramax loping
2005 GMC 2500HD with the new stack. EFI live tuned, listen to the lope. The last rev up was on the the 250hp tune

This is what i think of Hybrid cars
i warned my mom not to buy a hybrid, she didnt listen. KTMwhip "XfsxnfsX hybrid cars run on´╗┐ the gayness of thier owners comined by the gayness of the cars themselves"

cummins cold start with flames commin out of pipes at 4 40 into video

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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