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How To Test the C8313 Voltage Regulator use on Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep By-Pass kit
GO TO: or call 1-616-785-7990 Testing the C8313 Voltage Regulator use on Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep By-Pass kit. Heavy Duty External Voltage Regulator OHM meter testing. Whenever you order the C8313 voltage regulator or the ERCKFRM or ERCK kit for the computer regulator bypass kit be sure to test your external voltage regulator before you install it. If you test it and it is good then install it. If it goes bad right away, then you have another problem. The Heavy Duty c8313 Regulator can also be used on pre-1987 Chrysler Dodge vehicles with existing external voltage regulator

How to make a External Voltage Regulator to bypass a Dodge computer, ECM
Here is how to make a external voltage regulator for a Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler that needs the computer bypassed. This can be used when the computer/ECM stops regulating the voltage. This can also be done to regulate any 12 volt battery alternator combination. It completely separates the voltage regulating from the computer . For a write up follow this link or-dodge-jeep-chrysler Here are the parts I use. A junk yard would also have these parts. Parts used Dodge external voltage regulator (1971-1989) Voltage Regulator Connector 14 Gauge wire (I color code mine red, black and green for a good ground) Inline fuse with 15-20 AMP fuse (Not necessary but what I do) Screws Electrical tape Wire Nuts (I solder the connections together but some people use wire nuts.)

1988 dodge ram for sale $3500
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dodge w-250 for sale - $2800
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