Lowrider Car Show Japan Tour 2008, Hydraulics Competition

On Nov. 23, 2008, the Lowrider Car Show Japan Tour 2008's Final show was held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba (near Tokyo). The show featured an impressive hydraulics competition where cars hopped and danced. Photos: http://photoguide.jp/pix/thumbnails.php?album=720

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Omi Jingu Shrine Yabusame Horseback Archery 近江神宮流鏑馬神事
Omi Shrine Yabusame Horseback Archery has been held every Nov. 3 since 1990 in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. It is a religious ceremony praying for peace and rich harvests. The mounted archers are from the Takeda School of Archery based in Kamakura, Kanagawa. This video was taken on Nov. 3, 2013. Omi Jingu (Shrine) is a major Shinto shrine in Shiga Prefecture. Dedicated to Emperor Tenchi (626-672) who moved Japan's Imperial Capital from Asuka, Nara to Otsu in 667, in the area of Omi Shrine. The capital was moved back to Asuka 5 years later. Omi Shrine is a short walk from Omi Jingu-mae Station on the Keihan Ishiyama-Sakamoto Line in Otsu, Shiga. Photos: http://photoguide.jp/pix/thumbnails.php?album=188

Kyoto Gion Matsuri's New Boat Float at Ato Matsuri 2014 祇園祭・後祭 山鉾巡行・花傘巡行
The new boat float (Ofune-hoko) rejoins Kyoto's Gion Matsuri on July 24, 2014 after a 150-year absence. It made its debut in the Ato Matsuri (Second Festival) yama-hoko procession held for the first time in 49 years. This video shows all ten floats in the Ato Matsuri as well as the Hanagasa Parade.

Otsu Matsuri Festival 大津祭 宵宮・本祭
Comprehensive video of Otsu Matsuri showing 13 ornate wooden floats displayed and paraded around central Otsu on October 12-13, 2013. The Yoimiya festival eve on Sat. has the floats lit up with paper lanterns with musicians playing. On the Hon-matsuri main festival day (Sun.), the 13 floats are paraded around central Otsu all day. This video also briefly explains the karakuri mechanical puppet performances (more detailed explanation here: http://shiga-ken.com/blog/2014/10/otsu-matsuri-karakuri-puppets/ ). Comments from JET Programme teachers and Michigan interns pulling a float are also recorded.

Treasures of Konan, Shiga Prefecture 滋賀県湖南市の宝物
Treasures in the city of Konan in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. National Treasure temples, local eats, crafts, and passionate people in Konan. Links http://www.zensuiji.jp http://www.fmcraic.com http://www.burari-konan.jp/marche/ http://www.uppersecret.jimdo.com http://www.12-yurara.jp http://www.city.konan.shiga.jp/guide/bus.htm