BMW e46 320i 70 - 220 km/h

320i, facelift 170 KM, 16" 205/55/R16 - new winter tires

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BMW 330i E46 acceleration 40-170km/h
Recorded by MT Nokia N95

0-230 km/h BMW E46 320i
acceleration 0-Vmax E46 320i 2.2l no too hard shifting and a very windy day. normally it is a little bit faster to vmax ;)

Bmw 320i e46 170hp 0-240
Bmw 320i e46 top speed

E46 320i M54B22 cold starting
Car has been sitting for 2 weeks while temperatures often dropped below -20C. Outside temp at the moment of starting was -4,5C. Battery: BOSCH S5 Silver 85Ah 800A ~2 years old