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Nissan GT-R - King Of The Streets | Godzilla [R35] | Tribute
This is a tribute I made. The Nissan GT-R is truly an amazing car. It has brutal acceleration and a terrifying Exhaust sound. Sometimes I think this car was made by God! There are some GT-Rs with more than 2000 horsepowers. That's why I call this car "King Of The Streets"! I hope you like my Nissan GT-R Tribute! Music: Two Steps From Hell - Freedom Fighters The music and the videos belong to the rightful owner. I do not own any of these. I made this video just for entertainment.

Nissan Skyline R34 GTR "Tommy Kaira - R" Tribute - Tuning Legend
Original Video: Subscribe Supahflah's Channel: This is the one and only "Tommy Kaira R" year 2000 V-spec GTR R34, number 79 out of 100 in the world. The car has at least 558kw(800ps) under the bonnet. Mr. Tomita and Mr. Kaira built a legendary brand over many decades known as Tommy Kaira. Today, most of you probably know Tommy Kaira because of Gran Turismo but actually they have a rich history that expands much further than the video game era. (Even I didn't know that their first complete tuned car, the Tommy Kaira M19 was a Mercedes 190E!). Apart from all the genuine Tommy Kaira factory complete built standard (body kits, wide fenders, rear spoiler, inter-cooler, digital indicator system, engine works)... It also has, HKS 2.8L Stroker Kit Step 2, HKS intake system, HKS F-con V-pro computer, HKS EVC system, Apexi RSM system, Trust - GReddy T517z turbo x 2, Trust turbo back full titanium Exhaust system, OHLINS full adjustable coilovers, NISMO control arms etc... Song: DJ Lobotomize - Young At Heart (Frank Sinatra Tribute)

Half Tommy Kaira GTR?! Loud BOV noises!
This is an R35 GTR with half a Tommy Kaira kit. Enjoy the little acceleration and the loud BOV noises!

Nissan R35 GTR with full Rowen TommyKaira body kit
GTR with stunning Rowen Tommy Kaira body kit