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Half Tommy Kaira GTR?! Loud BOV noises!
This is an R35 GTR with half a Tommy Kaira kit. Enjoy the little acceleration and the loud BOV noises!

Nissan Skyline R34 GTR "Tommy Kaira - R" Tribute - Tuning Legend
Original Video: Subscribe Supahflah's Channel: This is the one and only "Tommy Kaira R" year 2000 V-spec GTR R34, number 79 out of 100 in the world. The car has at least 558kw(800ps) under the bonnet. Mr. Tomita and Mr. Kaira built a legendary brand over many decades known as Tommy Kaira. Today, most of you probably know Tommy Kaira because of Gran Turismo but actually they have a rich history that expands much further than the video game era. (Even I didn't know that their first complete tuned car, the Tommy Kaira M19 was a Mercedes 190E!). Apart from all the genuine Tommy Kaira factory complete built standard (body kits, wide fenders, rear spoiler, inter-cooler, digital indicator system, engine works)... It also has, HKS 2.8L Stroker Kit Step 2, HKS intake system, HKS F-con V-pro computer, HKS EVC system, Apexi RSM system, Trust - GReddy T517z turbo x 2, Trust turbo back full titanium Exhaust system, OHLINS full adjustable coilovers, NISMO control arms etc... Song: DJ Lobotomize - Young At Heart (Frank Sinatra Tribute)

2014 Nissan GT-R R 35 Stage 2 Tommy Kaira Kit 0.html

This video shows a beastly modified japanese sportscar! A compeltely rebuild and customized Nissan GTR R-35 with a Tommy Kaira bodykit and the Alpha12 performance kit by AMS. You can see insane revs which make the car spit flames on open road. What do you think about the car? Would you modify yours like that if you could afford one easily? Write down in the comments! Rate, comment and SUBSCRIBE if you want to see more car videos! --------------------------- Location: Moscow, Russia. Date: 27. March 2016 Filmed with: Canon EOS 60D Edited with: Adobe Premiere CS6 and Adobe After Effects CS6 Uploaded in 720p HD. Website: Facebook: Flickr: Instagram: BerlinRichStreets, 2016.