1/16th E-revo VXL wheelies,wrecks,donuts,racing a car, and more

some friends and me playing on and off road with a stock traxxas 16th scale e-revo vxl running on 7.2 volts.you can go up to 14.4.as you could imagine it is overly powerful and will do backflips from raw power on the higher voltages. Loads of fun and a very tuff very fast brushless 4x4.i have a nitro,and this truck is about as fast on 7.4 volts stock.

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ultimate landing e-revo vxl 1/16
bash with stock e-revo vxl 2 Lipos 3S Rhino 1250 // EDIT: Youtube cut my original song ... .. .

Tamiya Falcon and Traxxas E-Revo VXL @ Museumsquartier - Winter Race (onboard cam)
The Museumsquartier is a place where generations meet. In this case a 20 year old vintage RC car with all stock parts and a brand new racing truck meet at the Winter-Race track: http://www.mqw.at/index.php?page_id=451 Cars: Tamiya Falcon + Traxxas E-Revo VXL 1/16th scale (23T pinion, 6-cell NiMH pack, throttle sensitivity dialed down on the Sanwa/Airtronics MX3-FG TX). Cam: GoPro Wide Hero The other cars (DF-02 chassis) are for rent and where driven by kids (or their dads ;-) ).

Traxxas E-Revo VXL 1/16 - Astroturf track - Highgrip 1/10th track - Offroad
My 4th film from my home track "green hill" its a highgrip astroturf track. My revo have a new setup, it has one hole in pistons closed. a lot more pack, im running 70w rear and 50w front, and its a new car...to bad i have dicovered that shorten the pushrod change the geometry on the rockers, so it feels still springy, and before i adjusted the pushrod it was PERFECT. i will use limiters in the shock from now on. Front is Proline rib 2wd..and its a blast!!!

E-revo VXL 1/16 top speed test #2 66 mph
Tested the mini E-revos yesterday , we got it up to 66mph and it was still accelerating, you cant accelerate too quick or it will flip! :) We are using stock motor and esc. On the GPS run my friend was going WOT when it did a wheelie, that give an idea... Thx for watching! more to come!