1/16th E-revo VXL wheelies,wrecks,donuts,racing a car, and more

some friends and me playing on and off road with a stock traxxas 16th scale e-revo vxl running on 7.2 volts.you can go up to 14.4.as you could imagine it is overly powerful and will do backflips from raw power on the higher voltages. Loads of fun and a very tuff very fast brushless 4x4.i have a nitro,and this truck is about as fast on 7.4 volts stock.

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Traxxas 1/16 Mini E-Revo VXL Speed Runs and Wheelies!! Watch in HD
Update 7/6/09: People post comments relative to the truck in the video not bout the ant in the grass or about my shoes ok enough. All future comments like that will be removed. Just got it today!!! So far I love it and in the video I am running one of my 3 batteries, a Tenergy 1400mAh. The reason I do the forward reverse is for grip and wheelies, now since the tranny has broken in it does wheelies literally on demand. Should have a series connector soon but lhs was all out. This was on the 4th run now I have about 10 runs into it. Please sit back, relax and enjoy my video. Oh and when I put the camera on the grass, its because the E-Revo VXL almost got run over by my friend/neighbor's mom ROFL. First day I own it and its already all scratched especially the wing. Thanks to Elwood Hobbies for having them in stock! I don't own this car anymore

ultimate landing e-revo vxl 1/16
bash with stock e-revo vxl 2 Lipos 3S Rhino 1250 // EDIT: Youtube cut my original song ... .. .

Mini E-Revo VXL ice fun
This is us drifting with the Mini E-revo VXL 1:16. The 4WD makes this truck a perfect drifter on sleek surfaces. This time we are only driving with 1 battery pack, there´s no need for more power when you are drifting ;) Enjoy!

Diff shimmen
Hinteres Differential beim Mini Revo VXL shimmen. Subtitles available. Link to the Music Video from the Song "Bad Apple" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkgK8eUdpAo&fmt=22