Bronco truck jump

jumping the bronco over some dirt at the ranch.

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DVDs & APPAREL - The HMB Bronco Mega Truck Gets Massive Air off of the finish line jump at West Ga Mud Park during the 2014 Mega Truck Series finals lands on the back tires throwing it into an endo destroying the truck. The Driver Mark Hurston was ok and they already have a new frame being built and a donor bronco to get the body from. He assured us he will be back to race in 2015. Follow us on Facebook - INSTAGRAM

'79 Bronco "Rumblebee" gets badass air in tuff trucks!
This is from the June 7th, 2008 competition at the Grant County Fair in Moses Lake. We were the 1st competitor in the 1st round and set the bar pretty high. We got the best air and went in to the second round with teh feeling we only had ourselves to beat..... Little did we know what would happen in round 2....

Bronczilla Jumps 3 cars
Adam's '78 Bronco jumps 3 cars at Marcus' Mud Bog

Bronco makes tube obstacle
Bronco makes tube obstacle, Ocotillo Wells Nov. 25, 2011