SOL Rally Barbados 2013 - Day 1 at Luke Hill

Day 1 coverage of Rally Barbados, the biggest rally in the Caribbean as the teams make their way along the Luke Hill stage in most northern parish of St. Lucy. A rally is not just about cars and speed but also about liming with friends for the day and cheering on your favourite teams. See the fans making a day of it and if you look closely, you could even see someone you might know! Find us on Facebook:

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SOL Rally Barbados 2013 - Bushy Park Esses & Post Event Lime
Rally Barbados is the largest motor sport event in the Caribbean. This video shows the nearly 90 teams of drivers and navigators making their way along the Padmore Village to Golden Grove stage as they make their way through the esses at Bushy Park. The video ends with the post race lime which happens immediately after this last stage where fans get to meet their favourite teams, have a drink with them and take some photos. Find us on Facebook:

Rally Barbados 2015 - King of the Hill
King of the Hill 22015 as it passes through the Vaucluse Raceway. Car Number - Driver - Navigator - Grouping. 01 Cheryl Spencer (F) & Barry Spencer Club 02 Pierre Clarke Ezra & Gibbs Club 03 Chris Williams & Reuben Nelson M6 04 David Brewster & Alex Kirton GpB 05 John Corbin & Owen Proverbs Hist 06 Rommell Martin & Rashid Phillips Club 09 Jonathan Ince & David Armstrong Hist 10 Marcus Tinsley & James Crosland M5 12 Peter Gallagher & Rene Forde M6 14 Allan Mackay & Mo Downey SM11 15 Clifford Cox & Scott Bentham SM9 16 Jeremy Croney & Andrew Croney Club 17 Freddie Gale & Kyle Proverbs M7 18 Rob Weir & Paul Willetts Int Hist 19 Paul Inniss & Jason Tull M6 20 Chris Shooter & Sean Harle Int Hist 21 Mike Marshall & Marc Keen M6 22 Kurt Ward & Kirt King SM9 23 Steve Finch & Aaron Rayner SM10 24 Paul Rees & Paul Briggs M7 25 Nick Marshall & Nigel Hutchinson M7 26 Mark Kinch & Andrew Peirce SM9 27 Winston Thompson & Fiona Catwell (F) SM9 28 Stuart Tomlinson & Nick Taylor Hist 29 Wayne Archer & Derek Edwards Hist 30 Raymond Clough & Stephen Bell Int Hist 31 Peter Sinclair & Ruaridh Allan Int Hist 32 Warren Philliskirk & Garry Green Int Hist 33 Greg Cozier & Natasha Farnum (F) Int Hist 34 Sean Field & Shannon Kirton (F) M7 35 Andrew Costin-Hurley & Stuart Andrews GpB 36 Brendon Mckenzie & Dominic Straker M6 37 Kenny Hall & Fenny Wesselink M6 39 Neil Corbin & Matthew Staffner M6 40 Paul Horton & Dwayne Forde M7 41 Dick Mauger & Steve McNulty SM10 42 Stuart McChlery & Jonathan Johnson SM11 43 Nigel Worswick & Rebecca Kirsch (F) SM11 44 Chris Ullyett & Chantal Ullyett (F) SM12 45 Pete Rayner & Maria Rayner GpB 47 Stan Hartling & Heath Hazell SM12 48 Brian Watson & Caroline Will (F) SM11 49 Kurt Thompson & Adam Straker M7 50 Jamal Braithwaite & Dario Hoyte M7 51 Edward Corbin & Rodney Clarke M7 52 Martin Stockdale & Stephen Ritchie SM12 53 David St Hill & Ian Grimes SM12 55 Antony Pownall & Malcolm Clark GpN 56 Shelly Taunt (F) & Julie Murphy (F) GpN 57 Justin Campbell & Juan Watts SM12 58 Hugh Peat & Stephen Peat GpN 60 Harold Morley & Trevor Thorpe GpN 61 Mark Thompson & Wayne Clarke GpN 62 Simon Mauger & Melanie Holmes (F) SM11 63 Daryl Clarke & Russell Brancker M7 64 David Coelho & James Harris GpN 65 Andrew Mallalieu & Geoffrey Goddard GpN 66 Pierre Negre & Gilles Gaussens GpA 67 Andrew Jones & Lindsey Pilkington (F) SM11 68 Brett Clarke & Chris Hoad SM10 69 Rupert Lomax & David Alcock GpA 70 Dane Skeete & Tyler Mayhew SM11 71 Rhett Watson & James Hutchinson SM12 72 Avinash Chatrani & Andrew Skeete GpA 73 Joe McQuillan & Sean Donnelly GpA 74 Josh Read & Mark Jordan SM10 75 Oliver Hopkins & Ashley Trimble GpA 76 Neil Armstrong & Barry Ward SM10 77 Barry Groundwater & Martin Forrest GpA 78 Peter Morris & Lyndon Mohammed WRC-1 79 Fraser Louden & Abi Louden (F) WRC-1 80 Roger Mayers & Sean Corbin SM10 81 Donnie Macdonald & Ashleigh Will (F) GpA 82 Roger Hill & Graham Gittens WRC-2 83 Simon Jean-Joseph & Jack Boyere WRC-1 84 Roger Duckworth & Ross Weir WRC-2 85 Jeffrey Panton & Michael Fennell Jnr WRC-1 86 Rob Swann Aled Edwards WRC-1 87 Paul Bird & Aled Davies WRC-1 88 Roger Skeete & Louis Venezia WRC-1

Sol Rally Barbados 2014 Full Coverage
Red265 Rally Media and BP Motorsport present 'Sol Rally Barbados 2014 Full Coverage' The video is 17 minutes long. Action pack from start to finish (To the very last second, HINT).The clips have been arranged in random order (The first minute dedicated to top 3) with the addition of partial on-board footage contributed by various drivers. There is intro music and no further music, no narration, pure engine and crowd sound. The video is littered with spills and thrills, so no time to look away throughout those 17 minutes. Big up to BP Motosport, fantastic footage as usually, they got all the right angles. TOP JOB! Special thanks to the drivers and media groups who contributed Secondary video and Audio; Rob Swann Dane Skeete Daryl Clarke David Marshall / Rallymaxx TV If you missed it, you get to live it after watching this video. If you were there, you get to relive it..

Rally Barbados 2012 King of the Hill - Racing Action
A week before the main all stages rally of Rally Barbados, the King of the Hill event was run not only to seed the drivers but also to give the teams and spectators a taste of things to come. This video follows up the prelude to the King of the Hill event and contains many of the 101 teams which were entered, and includes comments from drivers and others. Cars are shown in their running order from lowest to highest groups.