IHC Gas Engine 3HP model M

A very good running 1929 IHC flywheel engine, 3 hp mccormick deering, international harvester stationary engine, with a ek high tension magneto, throttle governor, it is not a "hit and miss", as found unrestored original condition, has a gas or kerosene mixer, leave a comment?, subscribe, pass it on

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1929 McCormick-Deering / type "M" flywheel engine / before and after repair
,, how to start a 1929 McCormick Deering, 1 & 1/2 h.p., type m flywheel engine built by the International Harvester co,, just a follow up video, leave a comment, subscribe,

McCormick Deering M International Harvester Engine IHC 3HP 1927 I brought back to life
International Harvester 1927 I brought back to life.......................was told it had not run in many many years .

1926 IHC 3 HP type M gas engine.
I bought this engine in 1982 from the original owner. Runs like a champ! It's not a hit and miss, it's throttle governed.

10hp International Harvester Type "M"
Nice 10hp IHC engine running a rock-crusher at the Bruce County Heritage Festival in 2010.