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IHC Gas Engine 3HP model M

A very good running 1929 IHC flywheel engine, 3 hp mccormick deering, international harvester stationary engine, with a ek high tension magneto, throttle governor, it is not a "hit and miss", as found unrestored original condition, has a gas or kerosene mixer, leave a comment?, subscribe, pass it on


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IHC ENGINE / removing a gib key #1of4
,,,, a short 3 part, plus 1 follow up video,,, in this series on removing a couple of gib keys with broken off gibs,, this has to be done in order to adjust the side play or to repair broken or worn out parts,, so let's get started,, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on, to be continued, the engine is a 1 1/2 hp, type m, McCormick-Deering built by the International Harvester Co,,, but this way of removing a broken key could be adapted to any one of the many other brands of hit and miss or throttle governor engines,,,

One Hundred gas engines
Get'em home, got'em home,,,, this was not my deal in the beginning, but the call came in and a deal was made,, I ended up with (28 engines) of the McCormick-Deering (IHC) engines, model M, 1 1/2 and 3 hp,, to be moved to here on the east coast of Arkansas,,,,, the other 51 engines, 7 bases, 8 blocks, 6 sets of flywheels are in middle Tennessee and will be for sale or trade? leave comments, we counted blocks and flywheels as incomplete engines, and in the loading one engine was overlooked and left at the auction site?,, in all this was an easy move, yes it was hot!, until the rain came, and heavy, the more you load,the heavier they get,, it took all day to load as they were loading out the other engines, pick up trucks with trailers were coming and going all day,, I will say the auction company done good as they brought in an extra fork lift just to load this trailer,, and thanks to Wayne and the guy who loaned us the furniture moving dollies,,, thanks to all that helped with this engine move,, thanks,, comments?,,, subscribe, pass it on,,

hit and miss engine it's upside down
You can't do that,thats what they told me.but I done already went and done it,this engine is not restored,I just fixed-er up,a hit and miss McCormick Deering with spoke flywheels,type M 1 1/2 h.p.,international harvester IHC stationary gas engine as the factory didn't make a hit&miss ignition,only throttle governor,gasoline,kerosene add water.this engine is running backwards,counter clockwise,reverse,unusal,shopmade mixer,Exhaust comes out the intake,where the gas mixer used to be,the updraft mixer goes in where the Exhaust used to come out,it's painted with rustoleum red enamel,buzz coil and battery,gel cell,12 volts,shopmade square tube and flat metal cart,weld-er up,2x4 treated wood 40 inches long,oak stain,eight inch cast iron wheels.made to fit latchout system,IHC logo decals,champion spark plug,check valve in fuel tank,this was a parts engine,auction sale special,junk,scrap iron,but a part here and a part there,what you see is what you get,new valves and valve guides and springs,new seats,rebuilt,modified,not restored,babbitt bearings,crankshaft greaser,screw type,die cut head gasket,water hopper cooling,push rod latch out,cam roller,flyball governor,I told her I built the whole thing,she looked at the motor and looked back at me and asked what color is that?blood red! polished brass drip oiler no,aluminium with sight glass,30w non det.oil,el-cheapo brand,one shot lettering enamel,gold old school pinstripping on flywheels,gibb keys,piston rings,low compression,this engine runs best on camp fuel,low octane,no micro switch,simple little flipper to make contact,this is not make and break ignition,this engine came new with a EK high tension magneto,year model unkown,no fuel pump or compensating valve,low tension spring rate,IHC logos on grease cups,kreem gas tank sealer used in gas tank,next one will be a sideshaft,what color was it? green,easy to do,just get-er done,the story goes on,brilliant fire engine red thing a majig,goldleaf,chicago,IL,500 rpm,DIY,fiasco # ten,more non-sense fun in the back yard, Subscribe,leave a comment,pass it on.Thanks enjoy the show.and a shout out to harry's old engine website,check out smokestak and enginads.,Thanks

IHC ENGINE / removing a gib key #4of4
,,,,, just a little add on to make sense out of the reason for removing the gib keys,,,, to get them flywheels off,, to see the long version (step by step) of how to remove flywheels just check my past videos,,,, it's in there,, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on,,, this is #4 of 4, thanks for all the comments, shopdogsam

IHC Engine / McCormick Deering type"M" fuel pumps 1of2
,,, ok!, let's go on a side trip,, fuel pumps ain't nothing but a couple of check valves?,, fuel pump, you have got to have a good one, no leaks, no worn out parts,, a bad plunger shaft or bad packing will leave you with a fuel leak or low input of fuel to the mixer (carburetor), yes it's one of those parts that should be in good repair and as always "well oiled",, the engines could have had a McCormick Deering or an International nameplate,, brass or aluminum, big tag or small tag,,,, type "m", 1 - 1/2 hp, the year model, old or new style sideplate, or crankcase cutout will be a clue as to that type of fuel pump the engine would have had on it when new,,, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on, this is #1of2, to be continued,,

1918 IHC engine piston remove
1918 international type "M" engine, manufactured by the International- Harvester corp'n, Chicago in the U.S.A.,,, kerosene or gasoline, patents pending, 1 1/2 H.P., speed 650,, sr. #A6515M,, This how to video just goes to show that a stuck piston can be removed without setting the engine on fire,,,,,, an el-cheapo 4 ton porta power from harbor freight tools got the job done, a homemade fixture and some pb blaster,, Oh! don't forget the little hammer,, i'm not sure that I will rebuild this engine, I just needed to get the piston out to see what condition the cylinder was in (it's in the electrolysis tank now), will update later,, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on,,

Fairbanks-Morse 1 1/2 H.P. type-Z hit&miss #2
Look at that crack!, I can fix that, more flux, no duck tape, gettin'-er done here on the east coast of Arkansas, freeze cracks are no fault of the engine it's self,,, blame it on the engine operators failure to drain the water hopper or add some type of anti-freeze, this is number two of this get-er running series, Fairbanks Morse 1 1/2 H.P. dishpan, type "Z" , single cylinder, hit and miss with buzz coil and battery ignition, gasoline fuel, water hopper cooled, drip oiler, solid flywheels, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on,, next video I will be brazing the 'frost-crack', using the oxygen acetylene torch, with cutting head for more heat,,, yes it's gonna get hot!! get back dog! get back!, flux coated brazing rods with added flux, just works better for me, to be continued,,

IHC ENGINE rusty pipe remove
How to remove a rusty pipe thread,, no fire!, yes that's right, no fire,,, hammer and chisel, we got 'er out,, now into the electrolysis tank for a couple of days, then remove and clean up and run in a 1 1/4 inch npt tap to clean up the threads in the head and run in a 3/4 npt tap to clean up the threads in the gas tank fitting ,, this is a common problem you will find in these old engines, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on,, shopdogsam Oh!, the engine, it is a International,, (the later engines were taged as McCormick - Deering), 1 1/2 hp, with a throttle governor, manufactured by the international-harvester co., Chicago, in the USA

Hit & Miss Coil And Ignitor Hook Up
How to wire up a low tension coil and battery or magneto to igniter on a hit and miss or throttle governor flywheel engine. Leave a comment?

1918 IHC engine cylinder remove
How to remove a cylinder sleeve from a 1918 IHC (International) model M, ignitor, 1 1/2 h.p., with a throttle governor,, a piece of 1/2 inch all thread, a short piece of 5 inch channel iron, washers and a 1/2 nut, that's about all you need to get a cylinder out of the engine block,, no fire!,, these are just a couple of "how I do" videos,, with more to come as I will rebuild this engine later (after I finish the projects on the work bench) because of the early serial number,, not a restoration, just a rebuild,,,, you know,get 'er running,, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on,, and it's all free, more cheap thrills from the east coast of Arkansas,, shopdogsam

LB Type IHC Engine Rebuild.
A little video of what I have done so far on the rebuild of this antique engine.

Maytag Model 92 Upright Hit And Miss Engine
Maytag gas engine model 92 rebuilt as a upright hit and miss, single cylinder washing machine motor (multi-motor) rebuilt, running on coleman fuel 16 to 1 non det. oil, micro switch for ignition, timing can be moved with a lever for running in reverse, buzz coil and battery, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on,,

Pinstriping one shot
The hippie done already hand striped the flywheels on an old antique hit and miss gas engine using one shot lettering enamel,sable brush,the base paint is rustoleum dark hunter green,striping is metallic gold color,eastwood,masking tape,one shot reducer,the duck tape girl got her check last week so I will get a quart of hardner next week,lucky me and the old blue eyed gypsy dog,we call her ham bone,a new bag of el-cheapo old roy,we going to walmart,get the tonka truck started,the cat,them chickens we all gonna go,day old donuts,bettyskitchen cookbook,I need one,free,thank you,all is well here on the east coast of Arkansas,just gettin'er done,it was fitting to old school,Von Dutch style,pinstripe the flywheels on this I H C internatonial harvester,hit&miss gasoline engine,mccormick deering made in Chicago,IL USA,500 rpm,no kerosene,fuel pump,who needs one,the motor color is rustoleum brand regal red enamel,three coats,spray can,shake rattle and roll,rusty metal primer used,this engine had a throttle governor when new,model m 1 1/2 hp,horsepower,also an EK high tenson magneto,champion sparkplug,now a buzz coil and 12 volt gel cell battery,this engine is rebuilt,,not restored,,lay out with a stabilo pencil,old skool Ed Roth R.I.P.rat fink style,it was a rust bucket,scrap metal ratrod thing a ma jig,junkyard dog,special buy,one of a kind,junk,when I got-er cheap on a trade,never use mineral spirits as a thinner for one shot sign painting enamel,brush cleaner a must,color wheel,you do have one don't you? custom built,modified,a shout out to harry's old engine,check-em out,smokstak,enginads,the story goes on,subscribe,leave a comment,pass it on, PS,,,, we had a backyard fiasco number sixty nine,down this dusty dirt road we call paradise,a real flea circus,hot dogs,hot buns on a stick,french fried tators,how much do you won't fer-em he asked,open fire,big log,mustard and stuff,trick pony did not show up,so he turned-er upside down and she played the banjo sideways,brilliant in an unusual rockstar kind of way,she had a backstage pass,tight fittin' jeans,fake sunglasses,government surplus tampons,michellephan,offical unofficial,trick or treat,ying yang eyes,it's logic use it,get-er done,she will try anything once,twice if she likes it,three times to make sure,use it,the name of the band was ball point pen,a Kentucky chrome yellow brass plated swiss army knife,one hundred and fifty seven blades was the prize,no warcraft,it was ipso facto,smoke and mirrors,hokem,snake oil,shell game clue number six,electric horseman,late night pirate radio,made in mexico,shipped on a slow boat to china,99 problems and 61 scissors aint one of-em,party all night,pass it on

Starting a 1930 McCormick Deering 10-20 tractor
1930 McCormick Deering tractor. Bud starts his 1930 McCormick Deering tractor. If you like this video watch Bud start and drive a 22-36 McCormick Deering tractor at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dW5U-YGOO8

GIANT 1918 Hit and Miss Engine
This is another RAM TOUGH PRODUCTION. This it a GIANT 1918 Hit and Miss Engine that was used in a grits mill. and it still runs GREAT to be from 1918!!! This was at the 17th Annual Old Fashion Planter's Day. (March 28-29, 2009) at Ammon, North Carolina

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