SRT8 Challenger 392 Hemi on dyno with Nitrous

Brand new 2011 SRT8 Challenger 392 Hemi on the Dyno with a 60 wet shot of Nitrous. No tuning just a little racegas to keep the timing in check. 470whp and 535tq

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Quick nitrous test in the bee with nitrous express proton 125 shot
After the Dyno we apparently got a shit bottle fill and the car was a pig... this is the first test on a new fill.. now to get to the track.. will have follow up videos later... along with some racing against blower cars and stuff to see how a budget build holds up to the big builds..

Challenger SRT8 on 75 shot nitrous
Mods: 75hp shot Nitrous Bolt ons Bias ply tires 6spd car Time: 12.61 @ 112 1.83 60ft Track: Heartland Park Topeka There's some more left in the 60ft. I will post another video when I pill the car up to a 150hp shot

11 second 2011 SRT8 392 Dodge Challenger
2011 SRT8 Challenger 11.96 Pass stock factory tuning & a few light mods 12/10/2011 TnT test N tune Dallas Raceway Crandall Texas DFWLX

SRT8 Challenger Twin Turbo Smokes the Tires on the Dyno by RDP Motorsport
SRT8 Challenger Twin turbo Smokes the Tires on the Dyno built by RDP Motorsport and running Brisk Racing Spark Plugs by steven leerentveld Shop: Visit: Watch: