1952 Oldsmobile Rocket 88

Whiteowls 52 Olds owned for 30 yrs.All orig. v8 303 w/Hydromatic E.L.A,El Monte,Pomona

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1952 Oldsmobile Futuramic 88
This vehicle is brought to you by peachtreeclassiccars.com 770-719-0081 office

1951 Oldsmobile Rocket 98 First Drive
First drive for my new project - 51 olds rocket

1953 Oldsmobile Super 88
We are selling our 1953 "Rocket 88" Olds. In this video, we do an Exhaust check and take a short ride to give you a feel of this terrific old car.

Rocket 303 1950
Rocket 303 borred to 4inch (from 3.3/4) Jahns Racing High compression pistons. Racing lifters etc. Though it was original when we bought it but it turned out to be an old hotrod motor! Didnt have the intake manifold.