My Crappy 3 Rotor RX-7 Goes Turbo

The car runs with a turbo and under the power of a VEMS ecu

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Rotary engine
rotary engine, 6,000 rpm

295 Wankel start up
Here is a sound test of a 2 inch stainless steel muffler on this kart. The engine has been warmed up already. See me build this kart here, start to finish

Mazda 767B BEST Rotary Engine Sound at Spa Classic 2014
The truly amazing Mazda 767b! This car has a rotary engine, also known as a wankel engine, resulting in one of the most beautiful and pure racecar sounds you'll ever witness! All of this was filmed at the Spa Classic during the Group C race. It was an amazing event with some of the most amazing cars I have ever seen, this wankel powered 767b was without a doubt one of them! I am truly honoured to bring you this content as I think this car is known for its legendary sound produced by a rotary engine. Enjoy watching and consider subscribing if you want to see more! A like & comment are appreciated as well! Follow us on Twitter! Follow us on Google+! osts Like us on Facebook!

Ultimate Mazda RX-7 Sound Compilation
Facebook Page : The Compilation with the Meanest Mazda RX-7 Exhaust Sounds of YouTube (FB,FC,FD)