Think City - electric car - how they make it

Check out how the electric car Think City is produced. This is the assembly line at the production facility in Norway.

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2011 Think City startup
Dash & center console lights and sounds on startup and shutdown

Think City, an EV Test Drive
Brendan Prebo takes Lee Patrick Sullivan of EnergyNOW! on a test drive of the Think City by Think Automotive. This Norwegian based manufacturer is set to open production in the U.S. out of Elkhart, IN. Prebo discusses the shift with the electrification of vehicles to smaller manufacturers. This new business model is allowing these businesses to serve smaller markets without the burden of the necessity of high volume production common to the bigger manufacturers. Prebo breaks down how the EV works financially for consumers, alleviating much of the maintenance intensive to internal combustion engines. He goes on to discuss how their vehicles must meet the same safety standards as an road worthy vehicle. Prebo says that Think City is being sold through Project Plug-in in Indianapolis, IN for about the mid 20's, making this more affordable than many of its processors.

Electric car upgrade part 2 - Batteries and Busbars
Putting the batteries into the box, strapping them, and making cell interconnects

think electric car review
think global is a norwegian base electric car manufacturer,in this video you can look at the "think city" a fully electric car