2012 Ducati Diavel carbon dyno run

Taken off my phone first run Exhaust shot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfwGU2H3YqM

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Ten of the best Dyno runs on the Internet for bikes, just listen to them scream Number 10 amazing Norton V4 RR from the isle of man TT Number 9 Suzuki RG 500cc motogp racebike Number 8 Yamaha R1M1 Number 7 ducati desmosedici Rr motogp bike for the road Number 6 triumph daytona 675 screaming ama racebike Number 5 suzuki gsxr 1000 2017 Number 4 Honda rc174 6 cylinder classic race bike Number 3 Yamaha m10 monster bike Number 2 kawasaki zx 6 Number 1 ktm Rc 8 Bonus clip is a turbo charged hayabusa

Ducati Diavel Carbon(TERMIGNONI)
ドカティ ディアベルのフルパワー仕様エンジン始動動画

Ducati Diavel Moto Corse Titanium Exhaust
Ducati Diavel, Full Titanium Moto Corse Exhaust Fitted, Tuneboy Unlocked ECU Pro Twin Australia Dyno Tuned Mapping Both Cylinders. This Bike Has Been Fitted With a Quick Shifter and an Auto Blip Down Shifter Which Allows Clutch less Down Shifting and Up Shifting.

Sunglasses At Night_ Lamarossa REmix
Sunglasses At Night_ Lamarossa REmix