Ferrari SP12 EC - Eric Clapton's £3m 458 in London

Facebook: Twitter: Car Blog: My Vlogs: ------------------------------------------ INFO BELOW! ------------------------------------------ This is the new Ferrari SP12, a Special Project creation built for Eric Clapton for a cost of £3m over a period of 2 years. The car is based on the framework and engine of the Ferrari 458 Italia but features numerous design changes to tweak it back to an appearance of Ferraris of old including the 512 Boxer and the headlights from the Enzo. The car had originally planned to be a 12 cyclinder version but clearly this was too much to ask and as such it seems to run the V8 and controls of the normal car. This footage was shot for Shmee150, fairly discretely hence the wobbles and lack of focus while the car was outside. I must apologise for the imperfect quality but felt the unique footage of this one-of-one car was worth posting. Some photos can be found here: Thanks for watching, Tim

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Eric Clapton's £3MILLION Ferrari SP12 EC on the road!!
The first video of Eric Clapton's Ferrari SP12 EC on PUBLIC ROADS! Revving and acceleration sounds!! This car is worth £3 MILLION and is unique to the Musician. FOLLOW US: Sponsor: Facebook: SupercarsofLondon Twitter: @SupercarsofLDN Instagram: SupercarsofLondon

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My dad has always dreamed about driving the Ferrari, so for his birthday gift; we got him one. P.S. When he took a seat in the car, he thought we got him some type of Total Gym/Bow Flex. LOL! If you want more inspiration, check out my new series, "Minute Message". NICK'S TWITTER @DePalo NICK'S INSTAGRAM NICK'S FACEBOOK You can head over to Nick DePalo's channel to view more of his films and projects. Just click the link below.